Foxy Silver Fox: TV’s Sexiest Older Men

Sometimes, even a young, nubile Millennial like me finds she has the hots for an older man. Okay, much older. As in old enough to be my dad. Before you get all Freudian-Electra-complex-y on me…check these guys—nay, men—out. They’re either over 50 or fit the “silver” part of the bill, and they’ve all aged rather […]

Starbucks says ‘I do’ to same-sex marriage, sees social media backlash

A grande soy latte with a shot of social change? On January 19, Starbucks put their support behind a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington State. The Seattle-based coffee shop giant joins a list of supporters along with Nike, Microsoft, and Vulcan. A statement issued on January 24 said, “Starbucks is proud to join other leading Northwest […]

Love to be Legal in California

San Francisco’s 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional on Tuesday, marking the latest turn in what has been a nearly a decade-long effort by state activists to make same-marriage legal in the state. In 2008, California became the nation’s second state to make same-sex marriage legal, four years after San Francisco began recognizing […]

Best Generation Ever [INFOGRAPHIC]

Millennials: You know who you are. You’re sometimes toted as the coffee (or chai latte) downing, super-smartphone slinging, “dang you unemployment!” multi-cultural mega generation.. but truth be told, that’s only a small portion of Gen Y-ers. What’s more important than what we’re doing as consumers, students, or young professionals is our activism in one way or […]

Graduation is Upon You! Don’t Freak Out

I remember what it felt like during my last semester. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of someone stricken with terror and stress. Now that spring (and graduation season) is upon us, I am starting to see these looks again from soon-to-be-but-not-ready-graduates. As someone who would have killed for some advice […]

NDAA: A Campaign Mood Killer for Youth

Disillusioned young voters worry President Barack Obama’s 2008 hope and change may have transformed into an ambiguous violation of constitutional rights.  On December 31, the president approved the National Defense Authorization Act.  The law, voted for by 283 Representatives, and 86 Senators has been charged with providing the justification for the military to detain U.S. […]

Today on Tumblr: Occupy Valentine’s Day

Yes, there have been movies, episodes of TV shows, and mothers across American telling you Valentine’s Day is no big deal, especially if you’re a single woman. “It was invented by Hallmark!” your similarly single friends say. But, one Kay Jewelers commercial pushes you over the edge, and you know you’re surrounded by lies. In retort: a new Tumblr, […]