Revolution in Egypt: An Inside Look from an American Student

  Some prefer to watch events in Tahrir Square unfold from the privacy of the roof of a nearby Ramses Hilton. Others prefer to be on the ground, in the fray, seeing the Egyptian revolution unfolding first-hand. When it comes to the first days of the protests in Egypt, CNN was the former. American student […]

What You Don’t Know About The Ivory Coast

Egypt isn’t the only country experiencing political turmoil. The Ivory Coast, too, is facing a political and human rights crisis. So, what’s going on? Ongoing violence in the country is due to the refusal of current President (coughDICTATORcough) Laurent Gbagbo to leave office despite opposition leader Alassane Ouattara’s victory in a Nov. 2010 runoff election. […]

The Tunisians Behind the Jasmine Revolution

The power dynamics of the Middle East – both on the national and international stage – are quickly changing. From Egypt to Yemen to Algeria, everyday, people are rising up against their autocratic governments. TNGG was lucky enough to chat (okay, email) with two young Millennials, Ali and Aymen, in the country that started it […]

WCW v. WWF: The Story Behind 90s Wrestling

Not many people would compare Professional Wrestling with art, passion and creativity. I, however, would. The 90’s was a watershed decade for professional wrestling. The issue that started many a school yard fight or lunch room argument was the age-old question of WCW vs. WWF. Either you loved DX of NWO, either you worshiped at […]

Columbine: An Example of Media-Made Myths

On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Armed with explosives, guns and knives, the two teenage students planned to bomb the school cafeteria during lunch and kill survivors fleeing the building. When the bombs didn’t detonate, the two moved through the hallways of […]