Do you consider the environmental impact of your transportation?

If there’s a choice between flying and taking a train, what’s your preference? Would you take public transportation over driving if it required more time and effort? Will your next car be a hybrid or SUV? It’s easy to complain about the environment, but will you make a personal sacrifice or at least a commitment […]

What’s more important, getting into a high ranked college or one that might give you a better education?

Let’s say you get into Berkeley or Harvard but will be shuffled off to classes taught by graduate teaching assistants as the real professors focus on graduate students. Or you get into a smaller, but less prestigious college, perhaps undergrad programs only where real profs teach you. Which do you choose? Is it more important […]

Do you pay attention to your carbon footprint?

The ice caps are disappearing. The world’s government’s can’t agree on how to reduce emissions. The Kyoto Protocol runs out in 2012. There’s more arguing than there is action. Are you doing anything at all? Do you pay attention to your own energy consumption? Do you shut your computer off every night? Cycle instead of […]