Sex Week Edition: Nice Apps! Top 5 for Sexual Health

If you’re looking for a list of the top Kama Sutra apps, you’re not going to find that here. Rather, it’s critical for millennials to remember the importance of maintaining sexual health, because for some reason, we so easily forget to do so.  Especially if you’re not interested in becoming twenty-something parents… yet. And just […]

Top 5 Tennis Moments of 2010

ennis is gaining more popularity and greater media coverage each year. In cultures where people see their favorite athletes as heroes/heroines and idolize them like gods, it goes without saying that the berths of tennis superstars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, the Williams sisters, and Maria Sharapova will continue to expand as tennis continues to […]

Game Day “Survival Guide” Recipes

Ah, Saturday morning. The cool, crisp breeze whipping at your face.  Red, orange, and yellow swirling around your head in the forms of leaves.  Beams of warmth projecting from the sun.  The sound of …. people yelling profanities about animals? Oh yeah, it’s college game day and you’re on your way to pregame at your […]

One man’s fists bring a nation together

Philippines’ 7,000 islands reportedly plummets to zero every time champion boxer Manny Pacquiao fights in the ring. It’s as if every single soul in the country is glued to their screens to see him win yet another title. Although a single criminal offense (a jewelry store heist) broke this trend last November 13 while Pacquiao […]

Sports Icons and Brands

At another evening over drinks at friends’ place, we found ourselves talking about the inevitable “careers” topic.  How to write cover letters, what characteristics to underline, what difference a social club membership makes… “Sports clubs have huge positive impacts on CVs!” a friend mentioned.  I started listening to him more carefully since I had no […]

Mascot Mania, Part One: The Worst College Mascots

With college football reaching its maxim headed into the week of Thanksgiving, I think it’s an appropriate time to ask which schools have the best and worst mascots. My criteria are simple: does it look good, does it make sense, and is it synonymous with the team and university. So without further ado, I present […]