Queue It or Screw It: The Gang’s All Here…and There…Oh, and Over There, Too!

Everybody needs friends. The Girl Scouts advised that you “make new friends, but keep the old.” The Beatles got by with a little help from their friends. They also “ate sandwiches” with their friends, but that’s beside the point. In the last few years, TV has been all about friends. No, not Friends (although it […]

Queue it or Screw it: Mad Men’s mad memes

Obviously, the “Queue It or Screw It” debate is not a debate here. Queue it. Mad Men is fantastically acted, written, art directed and costumed. It’s what brought AMC back from Clint Eastwood movie marathons during primetime Thursdays and into a place where it now vies with premium cable and networks alike for quality programming […]

Queue it or Screw it: Take a Nice, Hot Bath in Primetime, There’s No Shortage of Soap

Tijuana complete with alcohol poisoning! It’s all in a day’s work for the stars of nighttime soap operas. Soap operas have long been derided for their insane plotlines and lack of respect for any semblance of reality (they’re divorced, now he’s dead, no, that was all a dream and actually she’s having that other guy’s […]

Queue It or Screw It: The Fun in the Formula

You’ve seen cop shows. This is the formula. 1-5 minutes in: something wild, violent, or surprising happens. 5-45 minutes in: hypotheses are rendered, leads are tracked down, and wild geese are chased. 45-55 minutes in: a plot twist and an epiphany! 55-60 minutes: ties are created between the action of the past 55 minutes and the […]

Queue it or Screw it: TV’s Smut-o-Meter

Check out all of Sex Week, right here.  Ah, Sex Week. Here at TNGG, there’s sex in the air, and according to Rihanna, that’s just downright spectacular. There’s also a whole lot of sex over the airwaves. Which shows will curl your toes and which are the equivalent of a cold shower? Read on. Our winners […]

Queue it or Screw it: TV’s Super Freaks… They’re Superfreaky

Ghosts, goblins, vampires, witches and zombies…and that’s just primetime. They’re taking over—hobbling creepily across your screen, casting dark spells over your Thursday night, and seeking vigilante justice episode by episode. The supernatural has become the norm in TV land. But why the current penchant toward the surreal? At least a small part of it may […]

Queue it or Screw it: Sketchy

Here at TNGG, we like hipsters…or maybe just like to make fun of them. We’ve talked about who they are, what they like, and how they came to be. Now, right on schedule is a show somewhat targeted to hipsters while simultaneously skewering everything about hipster culture—Portlandia. But fear not—this sketch comedy from SNL’s Fred […]

Queue it or Screw it: Golden Globes Guesswork

This Sunday, Ricky Gervais’ acerbic wit returns to the Golden Globes, to the chagrin of every invitee but the seat fillers. After all the flak he got for last year’s celebrity roasting, the gluttons for punishment have brought him back for more embarrassment and media circus.  But, I like him. He’s like that girl who […]

Queue It or Screw It: Awful Made-for-TV Christmas Movies

that time I put myself through American Horror Story even though the entirety of the horror genre scares the sweet daylight out of me? Well, I did it again. I put myself through hell—storms, death, desperation and the hot stink of fear. Fear of dying alone at Christmas, that is. Granted, the storms were romantic […]