Top 10 Movie Sex Scenes (NSFW)

Check out all of Sex Week, right here.  Besides porn, there are a few steamy movies that can put you and your partner in the mood. Sometimes movies with sex scenes are more intense than an actual adult film due to “movie magic:” the plot building up the tension between the characters, better scripts, lighting, and […]

The Grammys and Why The Next Generation Should Get Off Twitter

The Grammy Awards were full of dazzling performances, but the night wasn’t (and never is) without some controversy. Anyone could have expected the reaction to Bon Iver’s Best New Artist win would be similar to Arcade Fire’s Best Album win last year (please refer to the Tumblr dedicated to the mass confusion). The tweets rolled in, questioning […]

Do you just want your pants back? MTV does.

In case you haven’t heard, MTV premiered yet another scripted half hour sitcom — though that’s using the term “sitcom” loosely. It’s called I Just Want My Pants Back and it’s about 20-somethings living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with entry level jobs and hipster tendencies. How very original. The entire show is based around one main plot: Jason, […]

The Truth About Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey. Those three little words first entered my life during an episode of Saturday Night Live on Jan. 14. Daniel Radcliffe was hosting and my streams were blowing up about this chick, who was supposedly awesome. I was interested, mostly because when friends and followers as disparate as friends’ moms, former office acquaintances, and […]

Best Super Bowl Moments by Madonna, Goddess of Pop

The Halftime Show’s wild display of pyrotechnics, computer animation, star power, costumes and dancing was certainly the best we’ve seen in some years. This may be in due, in part, to Madonna’s super powers, of course, and the show’s over-production was exactly the sort of nostalgia-induced, hyper-American circle jerk we love for these national moments […]

Why Are We Still Obsessed With “American Idol”?

It’s late-January and you know what that means? America’s favorite train wreck of a singing competition is back with its band of merry dysfunctional talent and its even more dysfunctional cast of judges… and Ryan  Seacrest. Ever since 2002, Americans have been glued to their phones and TVs, eager to select the music industry’s next […]

The Art of #Occupy

A poster picturing a dancer doing an arabesque atop Wall Street’s symbolic Bowling Green Bull sculpture with a copy that reads, “What is our one demand? #OccupyWallStreet, September 17th. Bring tent.” called for the start of a protest against rising inequality in America. Since then, Occupy has not only gone viral online, but also sparked […]

Why we Love Shit People Say and Like

People say things. People like things. Sometimes, the things people say and like get made into hilarious YouTube videos or Twitter feeds that go viral and spawn a worldwide phenomenon based on particular stereotypes. We are the creation generation, and nothing is off limits. Why are we so good at being able to poke fun at […]

And The Grammy Goes To…Probably Not Rap or Hip Hop

With the looping distraction of Michael Bublé’s Christmas album now subsiding from my playlist until next holiday season, it’s time to turn up the volume on some of the nominees for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards coming up in February. This year, The Recording Academy decided to slim down Grammy Awards by restructuring the categories, […]

Dragon Tattoos Sweep into H&M, Girls Everywhere Play Salander

It’s been a week since I walked into the late show of director David Fincher’s cinematic adaptation of the Stieg Larsson novel “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” to see what all the fuss was (is) about. Having consumed a whopping six pages of the book beforehand, I wasn’t exactly prepared for what I was […]