How We Party: From the Soiree to the Kegger

Want the quintessential college party? Look at Ohio University, named the number one party school by the 2012 Princeton Review. On an average Friday night, the kegs come out, the bros and trixies dress their best, and the dubstep blares through speakers the size of the DJ’s torso. Everything is sure to get out of […]

Theme Parties You Always Wanted To Have

’80s party. Pimps and Hoes. Costumes. Neon Party. In college, every party thrower wants to have the best party, the one everyone is still talking about Monday morning. Since the people who throw these parties tend to have limited space, money, food and resources, a good theme party can take festive spirits to the next […]

The 5 Faces of Drunkenness

Partying is not something foreign to Millennials. Imbibing in whatever (beverage of choice) has become almost more than a past-time to our generation. I mean, when there are no jobs, there are no rules. Perhaps because of our inherent sociality, Millennials everywhere are constantly meeting new people. But with that first social outing with someone […]