Nice Apps! Top 5 for Cinco de Mayo Fiestas

Cinco de Mayo: the classic celebration of another country, giving Americans yet another excuse to rejoice with Coronas, mariachi bands and quesadillas. Little do they know that during their Mexican culture-and-heritage-venerating activities, they’re actually celebrating the army’s 1862 defeat of France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War, not the country’s independence. But for most, the history of the epic date is […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 for a bikini bod – at your desk

As April showers bring in the May flowers, we all know that means that bikini season is practically among us. While Mother Nature has thrown us a few random 70F-bones in the pre- and early-spring months, it’s now time to face the fact that summer is approaching. Beach season, while highly coveted, implies a few things. To […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 for Earth Day

Next Sunday, April 22, marks the 42nd Earth Day. But, get your eco-pants ready, because beginning tomorrow, it’s Earth Week. Over its tenure, Earth Day evolved from a 1970 American creation to an international holiday celebrated in more than 175 countries. In fact, Earth Day Network cites that the billion people who celebrate the holiday […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 for a good night’s sleep

We always have an excuse – or list of life’s absurdities – explaining why we are so utterly sleep deprived. In high school, it was because class started at 7:15 a.m., and between sports and homework (AP classes, anyone?!), bedtime was rarely before 11 p.m. In college, the day was for class (and daytime drinking), […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 for “Spring Cleaning” Your Digital Image

Beside the fact that we had an amazingly mild winter season, spring 2012 came a few weeks early this year. In fact, its well-received early arrival marks the earliest since the late 19th century.  Point is, we’ve earned a head start on spring cleaning. Lucky for us, too, because Facebook’s recently launched Timeline has created plenty of ”cleaning”-related work for […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 for March Madness

Holy basketball! The 2012 NCAA March Madness is already upon us. Despite it being tax season, your wallet certainly wouldn’t mind a few extra bucks in it, especially with more than $2.5 billion being gambled on NCAA tournament games worldwide, on average each year. And while the odds of you having a perfect bracket are […]

Sex Week Edition: Nice Apps! Top 5 for Sexual Health

If you’re looking for a list of the top Kama Sutra apps, you’re not going to find that here. Rather, it’s critical for millennials to remember the importance of maintaining sexual health, because for some reason, we so easily forget to do so.  Especially if you’re not interested in becoming twenty-something parents… yet. And just […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 for News Gathering

How many times have you said this: “I read this article the other day [insert brief pause], well, I skimmed a headline, and….” After such a statement, you then assume entitlement to having understood the article in its entire complexity; you think that you’re the expert on the subject. Even if you briefly reviewed the […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 to Manage Money

Lucky for us, we’ve been coddled to the point where we’ve made it this far without having to deal with the knitty gritty too much. That is aboslutely not to say we haven’t been busting our butts in the meantime, attending phenomenal colleges, getting stellar jobs, being overall wholesome and accomplished young adults. Rather, while […]