Advertisements on Twitter? Does it make a difference?

This week Twitter, my favorite social network, announced its advertising model: promoted tweets. Exciting? Maybe, if you are a marketer. If you are an ordinary person, the change doesn’t make a big difference from the status quo. Although Twitter didn’t have an advertising platform per say, we were already used to advertisements on Twitter. The […]


R&B singer Erykah Badu was charged last week with disorderly conduct, stemming from a public nudity stunt the singer pulled at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Chances are she’ll be found guilty. She did, after all, video tape the event and release it as the video for her song “Window Seat.” That video echoed a […]


What would John do? It has been made fun of, mocked, copied and even challenged and yet we keep coming back to everyone’s favorite fake newscaster. The Daily Show with John Stewart, and its equally “conservative” cohort, The Colbert Report, have become trusted news sources for us meager millennials. But what exactly is it about […]

Connected to Music

“Listen to Tommy with a candle burning, and you’ll see your future,” says Anita Miller in 2000’s semi-autobiographical Almost Famous. (Before we get started, seriously, watch that trailer. It gives me chills.) Anyhow – For “ELEVEN?!?!”-year-old William Miller, the on-screen version of real-life journalist-cum-director Cameron Crowe,  those words begin teenage years full of sex, drugs […]