True Life: I don’t watch TV

Whenever I find myself asking TV-related questions (Is “True Blood” the TV version of “Twilight”? What’s “Glee” all about? How’s Rihanna’s latest music video? And I hear MTV isn’t on air anymore?), I always have to follow with a rather defensive, “Sorry, I live in a cave,” or, “I’m really a 70-year-old in a 22-year-old’s […]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover? Why the Hell Not?

One fundamental fact of life is that most dudes who look like douchebags probably are. Similarly, a lot of girls who dress like sluts are of above-average promiscuity. And kids who look like they should be playing bass in Texas is The Reason (whoever the fuck they are) are probably at bit on the Emo […]

Running without Shoes: The Next Big Thing

Remember when you were a kid and you would run around the neighborhood barefoot, because shoes were just too restrictive? Guess what? Some adults still do that. It’s called “barefoot running” (clever, eh?) and it’s a hot topic right now; runners all over the world argue that barefoot running is the only way to run […]

Nice Guys’ Book Club: “A Podcast About Friendship and Breasts”

Ladies, if you’ve ever wanted to peer inside the male mind, and gentlemen, if you’ve ever wanted to feel secure in your own bromantic feelings, Nice Guys’ Book Club is for you. Brett Rader and Josh Androsky became “extremely close” childhood friends who ended up, as fate would have it, living on opposite sides of […]

Self Esteem Study: A Different Perspective

When given the choice between a day of unfeigned flattery from friends and colleagues, a solid boost to my grade point average or a free pint of Chubby Hubby, I’m fairly confident that I’d skip the accolades and head straight toward satisfying my sweet tooth. After reading a recent Huffington Post article, however, I have […]

Under The Covers: Cover songs to add to your playlist

You know you’ve made it — or at least had a mega-hit — when other artists want to sing and play your work. I don’t mean bar bands and wedding singers; I’m talking famous artists recording in a studio for (potential) radio play. A cover song, when it’s properly executed, is a great tribute to […]