Haute and Dangerous: The Day to Night Essential List

So you’ve got spin class at the crack of dawn with barely enough time to gulp down a venti skinny soy latte with three shots of espresso before it’s time to dash to your 9:00 meeting. The rest of your day is a blur. Come 4:30 you’re sitting at your desk fantasizing about your couch […]

Haute and Dangerous: Best of Internet Videos that Make Fun of the Fashion Industry

What could be better than the glamorous, fast-paced, prescription-drug riddled existence of a fashion industry hot shot? I’ll tell you what — sitting on your couch in your snuggie, watching internet videos that viciously satirize every aspect of the fashion industry whilst you scarf down a pizza. It’s all about what makes you feel alive. So live a […]

Haute and Dangerous: In the office

Blend In, Stand Out Your mother always told you that you were special, and I’m not here to tell you any different. Regardless, you don’t want to be the one on the receiving end of the venomous stares from the water cooler club (“Oh, look, Marcia. That skank from accounting wore a ballgown to work […]

Haute & Dangerous: How to Shop at Forever 21 Without Wanting to Die

They say that good things come to those who wait. This cliche is perhaps best exemplified by the popular cheapie fashion retailer Forever 21 and the fact that if you can keep your cool long enough to keep your shopping spree from turning into a killing spree, you can walk out with a bunch of cute […]

Haute and Dangerous: How to Dress for Spring… Without looking like a freak

Picking out an appropriate outfit on an early spring morning is a lot like the onset of puberty — awkward and confusing. While the mere sight of chunky-knit wool sweaters and thick tights makes you break out in hives, you worry it may still be too early to throw caution to the wind by donning […]

Haute & Dangerous: Grammy Style Awards

Given the devastating loss of the legendary Whitney Houston over the weekend, the 2012 Grammy Awards were steeped in an understandably sombre tone. That being said, many things remained the same — Gaga was Gaga, Katy Perry felt the need to take the term, “color my hair” to the extreme, and Paris Hilton felt the need to […]

Haute and Dangerous: Do’s and Don’ts for Super Bowl Style

Seriously. I’m Boston born and bred, what else did you expect me to write about this week? Oh, I’m sorry, you wanted cutting edge news about the fashion industry? Ok, here goes: the eponymous Karl Lagerfeld, Creative Director and Head Designer at Chanel/all-around badass, has a new kitten. Her name is Choupette and she is super […]

Haute and Dangerous: Flash Sale Frenzy

I like to think I’m a logical person. And in that vein, I had every intention of writing this week’s column about the golden (and not so golden) girls of the Golden Globes like every other fashion blogger on the planet. Then I realized that while Dr. King did have a dream, I’m pretty sure […]

Haute & Dangerous: Fashion Dos and Don’ts of the Gym

The gym, like modern art, country music, and Tim Tebow, exists as a polarizing force in today’s culture: you either love it or loathe it. Unfortunately, I am one of the latter. And as my doctor refuses to prescribe me a strong sedative and/or horse tranquilizer to keep me from bolting upon entry into the […]

Haute and Dangerous Sex Week Special: Zodiac Lingerie

Check out all of Sex Week, right here.  It’s hard to live a happy and productive life when you’re constantly having to ask yourself, “What kind of lingerie should I be choosing based on my zodiac sign?” Luckily, this week’s Haute and Dangerous Sex Week Special is here to answer any and all questions pertaining to […]