The Grilled Cheese Truck: A Tasty New Trend

Already super-popular on the sunny west coast, the latest delicious trend to hit Boston is the food truck. These trucks, covered in dark-brown paint, and featuring a spunky, young girl, “Roxy,” with pigtails, (munching on none other than a grilled cheese sandwich), specialize in dishes from cupcakes to barbecue ribs to waffles. The newest food […]

Adult Swim: Did Sex in Kiddie Cartoons Go Over Our Heads?

Wanting to recapture some childhood innocence and reminisce about my days of naivete, I recently sat down to watch to watch the 1992 cartoon movie “FernGully: The Last Rainforest.” The movie was just as I remembered! — the fairies flitting around leaving a trail of sparkle behind them, the forbidden love between a mortal human […]

Madison Protests Continue, Students Join In

Protests continued today in Wisconsin’s state capital, Madison, as thousands ardently opposed Governor Scott Walker’s proposals to reduce state workers’ benefits. If approved by the state legislature, Walker’s plan will require state workers to pay 5.8% of their pension and double their share of health premium payments to 12.6%, effectively leveling the playing field between […]

Playboy Looking for a New PlayPen in the iPad

There’s no doubt Playboy is an American institution. For years, young men (and women too) have fawned over the nude magazine each month, especially when it features celebrities such as Kim Kardashian inside the glossy (and sometimes sticky) pages. However, with nudity being so readily available online, the need for Playboy has become almost nonexistent. […]

Escaping the 1950s Work Mentality

Working at work is becoming less like, well, work. You may think that’s an asinine statement – after all, if you’re employed, you likely complete most of your tasks while at the office. But an important question remains: are workers really accomplishing anything at the office? Interestingly, an October 2008 study by CompTIA found that […]