Green GIANTS: Best of Green Week 2011

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, you’re hosting a Christmas party. It’s a holly-jolly good time until a certain group of pals make that decisive turn towards too much mulled wine. Before you know it, you’re ambushed with snide remarks on all sides pertaining to your recently acquired Prius parked in the driveway. “Hey, flower child! Can […]

Tech Companies Still Carry A “Dirty Cloud”

Greenpeace recently ranked Apple as the least green-friendly technology company, due to its reliance on coal to fuel its “dirty” data server centers. Could this one incident be the signal for an even bigger problem – the reliance of fossil fuels to help fuel green initiatives? There was a time when tech companies lauded the […]

Bolivia says, “Respect Your Mama!”

I recently came across a pretty sweet article on Wired. Bolivia, a landlocked country in South America, has positioned itself to become Greenpeace’s new best friend. Believe it or not, Bolivia is making history by presenting the world’s first “Law of Mother Earth,” which will grant legal rights to ALL OF NATURE. What’s even more […]

Are Your Words Green but Your Food Fleshy?

For some, environmental consciousness goes beyond being trendy. For instance, many religions include calls to be responsible with the environment. It is trend born of consequence: we breathe the same air, and we all need water.  Yet, more and more, our food may come from thousands of miles away, making resource management a huge issue. […]

Down the Tubes: The Green Week Effect

In honor of Green Week, I thought I’d save some energy — yours. Instead of reading hundreds of words, you get to watch a few short clips from NBC’s Green Week, now in its sixth year. Enjoy! Who doesn’t love three minutes of NBC tooting its own solar-powered horn? Oh, everyone except for the people […]

7 Tips for Eco-friendly Sex

Going green requires many lifestyle changes, such as using public transportation, riding a bike, buying locally-grown produce and recycling. But another place that can also take some eco-friendly changes is the bedroom. Here are some tips about going green in the sheets while still going hard! 1. Having sex outdoors is a great because you […]