5 Gift Ideas for the Freelancers

With the job economy between a rock and a hard place and the rise of the Internet, Gen Y IS the freelance generation. There are many liberties that come with freelancing full-time: being your own boss, working from bed, naming your own hours, and, my personal, being able to say “you’re fired!” to a terrible client. However, being […]

5 Gift Ideas for the Couch Potato

‘Tis the peak of the season for couch potatoes everywhere. Some of the best TV-watching days are ahead of us, when ABCFamily even counts down to their 25 Days of Christmas countdown with riveting made-for-TV films like The Search for Santa Paws and Lifetime’s gems like Undercover Christmas. God you guys, I hope they find Santa Paws! […]

Wrap it Up: TNGG Gift Guides, 2011

Black Friday is just around the corner, and with the economy in a tail-spin and underemployment skyrocketing for Americans under 30, buying gifts might seem impossible – especially if your friends and siblings are like the rest of us: picky. Don’t worry about thinking up the perfect present because TNGG has got you covered! That’s […]

5 Gift Ideas for the 90s Nostalgic

We’re a generation that has more nostalgia for a decade that ended only about a decade ago than our parents have for their hippie/disco/big hair band days. Whether you were just starting to walk (in your baby Reeboks), Skip-It-ing through puberty or relating your high school experience to Pearl Jam lyrics, ’90s culture continues to […]