Create an Alternative: DIY Dryer Sheet Pillow

They may seem harmless, but don’t let them fool you.  Even the most ordinary, everyday items can be hazardous to your health, as well as the environment.  Take dryer sheets, for example.  These seemingly innocent dryer-dwellers contain dangerous carcinogens.  That’s right, substances that cause cancer.  These toxins infiltrate our everyday environment, and latch onto clothing […]

Little Women – Millennial Eating Disorders

I live by the Patrick Bateman mantra, “You can always be thinner… look better.” And though I have a severe case of body dysmorphia, I have trouble discerning between boredom and hunger. I seriously binge eat at every meal. The other night it was Country Fried Steak with a side of fries, steamed broccoli, and […]

I’m Sorry, This Water Is Reserved For Special People

“I don’t understand why you would buy Fiji water Melanie, it supports a fascist government.” My roommate comments on my purchasing choice after I come back from Whole Foods, carrying in a 1L bottle of Fiji water. I think to myself, she’s right. Why would I spend $3 on a bottle of water that doesn’t […]