Opinion: Marriage equality and the face of change

I’m really proud of my President this week. In a bold political move, Obama finally took a vocalized stance on his 18 month “evolving” position on same-sex marriage. His advocacy for equality under the law and in society for “every single American” is now an integral part of his campaign platform. Despite his period of […]

Thrift Like a Pro With Pinterest

Pinterest is the rising star of social media. Everyone is talking about the social pinboard network, speculating whether it heralds the switch from searchtodiscovery, what its popularityamongwomen means for Internet marketing, how it may potentially change ourpurchasinghabits, and debating digitalcopyright. The major brands are hoping to use Pinterest to influence your purchases through sleek integration […]

Beach House blissful beats build up to Bloom

No, the picture to the right isn’t a smartphone camera photo beneath some random marquee. It’s the cover art for Baltimore-based indie dream pop duo Beach House’s new album Bloom. Their new work is set to be released May 15, 2012 on Sub Pop. To bring readers up to speed, the band Beach House consists […]

Oil Canada! We Stand on Gilded Knee

Over the past few months, the Keystone Pipeline has dominated energy dependency news through the battle between transnational company TransCanada Corporation, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Obama administration. But the 2,147 mile path the pipeline will leave across the Midwest seems miniscule compared to the political battle erupting over its construction.  If completed […]

From Our Partners In Crime

Welcome to our weekly column: From Our Partners in Crime – a collection of people, products, activities, and trends that are adored by our generation. Enjoy! TNGG Loves: Rick Santorum Claims California Universities Don’t Teach American History Rick Santorum again with his zany ideas! In Santorum’s latest anti-college argument, he claims that American History has apparently been forsaken […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 for a good night’s sleep

We always have an excuse – or list of life’s absurdities – explaining why we are so utterly sleep deprived. In high school, it was because class started at 7:15 a.m., and between sports and homework (AP classes, anyone?!), bedtime was rarely before 11 p.m. In college, the day was for class (and daytime drinking), […]

Attitude and substance: Why we love The Black Keys

Every generation of rock music has seen bands that both defy and celebrate previous traditions. A sound comes out of these types of creative environments that can be classified as familiar and nostalgic, yet also new and exploratory. Front man Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney seem to fuse these two opposing natures in their music […]

Why Pinterest Kind of Sucks, And How it Could Improve

For most women, Pinterest is the Nutella of being online. Women go shit-balls crazy for Pinterest. But is it really that cool? Yeah it’s a surefire way to suck time out of your life, but is that enough? Here are some ways Pinterest could be improved: Fix the Stupid “Pin This” Button This button is […]