The iPad: A Revolutionary Classroom Tool?

The amount of applications Seton Hill University will receive for their Class of 2014 has likely skyrocketed, all because of iPads. OK, so that’s probably not true – please, seniors, don’t base your college decisions on some (very sweet) free swag – but Seton Hill certainly upped the ante when they announced they’d be giving […]

Is College Diversity a Response to Gen Y?

Embracing diversity and multiculturalism seem to be two huge persuaders for college and universities who want to attract Gen Y students. They have established programs for recruiting both internationally and intranationally, and it is not uncommon to see a school boast of their student population representing “40 states and 37 countries around the globe.” Was […]

We Know The Answers, But Do We Have The Questions?

A Pew Research Center study shows that Millenials are on their way to becoming the most educated generation in history, meaning that more of us are graduating with undergraduate and graduate level degrees than any other generation. This means that more of us have formal education and training. What this doesn’t mean is that we […]