Tips and Tricks for Building Your Personal Website

Gone are the days when only companies and big organizations had websites. Today it’s possible, even easy, for anyone who wants to be on the web to create a site in a few easy steps with little to no experience with html. Of course, you could always spend weeks and months studying HTML and CSS, […]

Need a Quick Buck? It’s Easier Than You Think

We’ve all been in a jam for cash or dying for the iPad 2 or that new bag. If only we could magically be hand-delivered an extra a hundred—or five hundred dollars—overnight and be able to afford all the material things we crave and still have leftover money to eat as well. Unfortunately, being young […]

At Home Homeopathic Skincare Remedies

*Disclaimer** To all the so-called “manly” men who think facials are “for chicks”: You couldn’t be more wrong. Furthermore, don’t come crying to me when no one wants to go near you (let alone date you) because your failure to maintain general dermatological upkeep has left you with pores so large that Kodiak bears are able to […]

3 Ways to Turn Junk Food into Healthy Food

Whether you’ve got a salty craving or sweet tooth, it’s hard to say no to a not-so-healthy indulgence now and then (or every day). It’s biological, actually; we’re hardwired to crave high-calorie foods to prepare our bodies for times of scarcity since, thousands of years ago, hunters and gatherers didn’t always know when their next meals would be coming. […]