Opinion: Marriage equality and the face of change

I’m really proud of my President this week. In a bold political move, Obama finally took a vocalized stance on his 18 month “evolving” position on same-sex marriage. His advocacy for equality under the law and in society for “every single American” is now an integral part of his campaign platform. Despite his period of […]

Oil Canada! We Stand on Gilded Knee

Over the past few months, the Keystone Pipeline has dominated energy dependency news through the battle between transnational company TransCanada Corporation, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Obama administration. But the 2,147 mile path the pipeline will leave across the Midwest seems miniscule compared to the political battle erupting over its construction.  If completed […]

BROken egos: Student Paper Berated for April fool’s day issue

If the editors of the Daily Free Press published their controversial issue to gain attention, they succeeded, but not in the way they hoped. The Daily Free Press is a 42-year-old independent student newspaper associated with Boston University. Each year the paper publishes an April Fools Day issue filled with satirical stories, but this year […]

The Rise Of President Human: Getting Up Close (And Personal) With Our Leaders

Recently President Obama received widespread praise from both sides of the political aisle.  But it was not because he made a key compromise with Republican leaders or stepped outside of his party’s line.  Rather, a brief but heartening exchange with 26-year-old deaf college student Stephon Williams in which Obama responded to him by signing “Thank You” reaffirmed […]

Questions Remain After Florida Teen’s Death

A 17-year-old resident of Sanford, Florida left his fathers’ house to grab a snack for his brother on February 26, 2012. He was subsequently allegedly gunned down and shot in the chest by George Zimmerman, the man on duty for the local neighborhood watch. The murder of Trayvon Martin has since made national and international […]

Voters Realize Obama is Not a Muslim, Again

Well if you thought that President Obama’s religion was cleared up years ago, you would be wrong.  While most of the Republican nomination polls focused on the four remaining Republican candidates, a recently released poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), showed that 45% of Republicans surveyed in Alabama believe that President Obama is a […]

Policy Mic: Contraception Fight Shows Fundamentalist View of the Constitution is Dangerous

I political talk show host recently spoke about the contraception debate, big deal? The talk show hosts then started talking about how we need to get rid of the term “reproductive rights” because reproduction is not a right. The hosts went on to say that the Constitution does not say anything about reproductive rights and […]

Iraqi ‘emo’ kids murdered, but is it different here?

Emo girls and boys in Iraq face more than an upturned nose.  They are being stoned to death.  A representative from an Iraq-issue NGO, said between 90 and 100 young men and women called “emos” were violently killed in the last two months.  While no one has taken responsibility for the murders, the attacks are thought […]

Women Ultimately Suffer In State vs Federal Battle of Women’s Health Funds

In observance of International Women’s Day this month, lawmakers in Texas slashed funding for family planning and women’s health programs in the battle against Planned Parenthood. Texas Women’s Health Program provides basic services, cancer screenings and contraceptives to approximately 130,000 low-income women. However the women it serves have now become victims in the ongoing battle […]