Comeback of the Year: Ken (Barbie’s BF)

Ken, Barbie’s other half, has suddenly been everywhere. Weird – as Barbie’s boyfriend, he was never exactly in the spotlight. He always seemed like the awkward, Stage 5 clinger boyfriend who didn’t have any friends of his own. Ever since Barbie dumped him in 2004, however, Ken’s completely changed his image. Currently he gets more […]

Best of the Best: Three Super Bowl Commercials go into the Vault

It’s Superbowl Sunday, I’m in Wisconsin, and I have a confession to make: I don’t care about football. This sort of statement is blasphemy to the Lambeau-loving Packer fans I’ve been lucky enough to call my friends, but it’s true. Fortunately, I like food, advertising, and alcohol, so they let me watch the game with […]

Gadget Review: The Roku Rocks!

The beauty of Netflix’s Instant Queue is that it allows me to, much as the name suggests, watch whatever Netflix selection I’d like at the moment I’d like. The less-than-beautiful part, however, is that streaming the movies requires the Internet — and, thus, my computer. As a multi-tasking Millennial, I enjoy the opportunity to browse […]

Your Cable Box is Dead. The Internet Killed It.

Newsflash: The television set has permanently retired today and has forfeited the battle against the Internet. As perplexing as the Internet was when it first showed up on the scene, it continues to revolutionize and re-revolutionize the world. Soon, the television set will also be forced to put the nails in its coffin. Cause of […]