TNGG Insider’s Guide: Seattle

Imagine a paradise where wifi flows freely from the coffee shops adorning every corner and block. Imagine a place with expanding public transit, bikeability built into the infrastructure and dense enough that everything you need is within walking distance. As you are walking back from the grocery store, you see to your right a stunning […]

Welcome to Portlandia: Native Guide to Portland

Before I knew about Portland’s creative culture, not only regarding ads, but also in the fashion, music and art worlds, I had heard about the city’s outstanding cuisine. Portland will happily make you buy your food from a food cart and proceed to make you eat it standing up in the pouring rain. What’s better […]

Asheville, NC: Beauty and the Beer

Paris of the South, San Francisco of the East, Beer City, and one of GMA’s Most Beautiful Places in America. Asheville is known for great beer, great food, a bustling live music and arts scene and an abundance of outdoor activities. The only “Blue” district in Western North Carolina, this is not your typical southern […]

Bro Love in Philadelphia

After studying in Boston for three years I moved to West Philadelphia. All Fresh Prince jokes aside, Philadelphia, particularly certain neighborhoods in Philadelphia, have gotten a bit of bad rap (pun intended). Philadelphia is a culturally rich city, home to many hipsters, intellectuals, sports fans, and artists alike. No matter what you may be into […]