Fairytale Marketing: Coke gives customers a happy ending

Marketing is about telling great stories. And this is the story of how Coca-Cola’s ingenuity touched the lives of Gen Y students. This is the story of how the world’s number one brand launched a global mission to spread the happiness of Coke. As the Indian proverb goes, “Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. […]

Interest Rate Increase Fires Up Student Loan Borrowers

Should student loan interest rates double next July, college-aged Millennials squatting inside academia’s ivory tower could find themselves entombed, indefinitely.  Passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress five years ago, the College Cost Reduction and Access Act, that reduced the subsidized Stafford loan interest rate to 3.4 percent, faces eminent demise should the current Republican majority decide […]

Search for Job Now Trumps Search for Career

Ask most Baby Boomers about their career track, and they will mention one or two positions that they held for many years. They might talk about how their job “took care of its employees,” and how “it just isn’t like that anymore.” Job security, fair wages, and a pension plan were prerequisites for job acceptance […]

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Workplace Burnout

We’re all just trying to make it work. And that’s including however many hobbies, freelance opportunities, workout routines, personal goals – to name a few – we concurrently pursue alongside our 9-5’ers (8-6… and then some, anyone?). That’s not even to mention dating, friends and family. We sure pack it in. Here’s how to stay on […]

5 Best Jobs Ever. Period.

Job satisfaction means different things to different people, especially in this economy. Job security is almost non-existent and with companies outsourcing, moving overseas or cutting back, the pickings are slim to begin with. Or are they? Just because some companies or professions are thinning the employee pool, it doesn’t mean you’re without options. In fact, […]

Screw campus ambassadorships

Campus ambassadorships are a funny business. College reps, student brand evangelists…whatever they’re called. I’ve done one or two, and I’m sure you have too. Planning events, handing out t-shirts, inviting people to Facebook Pages…the whole schpiel. Most people have had them, and even more will as more brands start setting up their own ambassador programs. […]

Calculate The Real Cost Of College Debt, Today

Used cars and college degrees. One has a lot of mileage, the other offers a buyer more. But why sign upon the dotted line before giving the tires a nice, solid kick? If they’re old and flabby, it could be an additional, and unforeseen, headache later. Recently-accepted college students, and their families, face a similar […]

GUEST POST: How To Get A Hole In One On Your Next Job Hunt

Whether on the subway, at home with family for the holidays or talking with friends, I often hear the same thing:      “It’s so hard to find a job right now…”      “I applied to 100 jobs on Monster.com and heard nothing!”      “I applied to every job I could find and I couldn’t even […]