My Undying Devotion to Hello Kitty

Most of the things I liked throughout my childhood didn’t quite cross over into my adult life: light up sneakers, butterfly clips, Limited Too, and Power Rangers. However, a certain cartoon cat…or more specifically, kitty, with a big red bow has seamlessly moved from my Kindergarten cubby into my grown-up handbag, apartment, and jewelry box. […]

To be Branded or Not? : If you’re getting the same product, why not buy it for a little less money?

CVS is my source for everything . Not only is it a quick walk from my dorm room, I know they will have the things I need to get me through my day. Recently, I was faced with a dilemma. Boston weather is difficult for those who haven’t experienced it. My skin was dry and […]

Dear Retailers: Your Biggest Fans are Working for You

When it comes to the mall, teenagers are voting with their jobs. It’s no secret among high school kids that $7 an hour sucks. And, it’s equally obvious that a major benefit of retail jobs is the discounts that come with them. If you were getting paid in food would you work for McDonalds? Neither […]