The Truth About Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey. Those three little words first entered my life during an episode of Saturday Night Live on Jan. 14. Daniel Radcliffe was hosting and my streams were blowing up about this chick, who was supposedly awesome. I was interested, mostly because when friends and followers as disparate as friends’ moms, former office acquaintances, and […]

The Why and How of the Decline in Theatre Attendance

On Dec. 9, the release of The Sitter and New Year’s Eve marked the worst U.S. box office opening since Sept. 5, 2008. The previous weekend, which did not premiere any films, outperformed Dec. 9 by 4%. Think of it like your friend being more likely to visit your house when you’re not there. It’s weird. But […]

Best Super Bowl Moments by Madonna, Goddess of Pop

The Halftime Show’s wild display of pyrotechnics, computer animation, star power, costumes and dancing was certainly the best we’ve seen in some years. This may be in due, in part, to Madonna’s super powers, of course, and the show’s over-production was exactly the sort of nostalgia-induced, hyper-American circle jerk we love for these national moments […]

Why Are We Still Obsessed With “American Idol”?

It’s late-January and you know what that means? America’s favorite train wreck of a singing competition is back with its band of merry dysfunctional talent and its even more dysfunctional cast of judges… and Ryan  Seacrest. Ever since 2002, Americans have been glued to their phones and TVs, eager to select the music industry’s next […]

Festivals Go Mainstream, It’s Our Fault

What the hell happened to “The Music Festival?” What used to feel like a fun weekend full of awesome jams and awesome people, now feels like a douchey faux-fiesta worthy only of Natty Light chugging bros. Somehow the essence of a music festival has gone from an acid-tastic way to hear new or under-appreciated bands […]

Is Streaming The Future Long Tail?

Hulu is heading into the original scripted content route. The streaming service will be the first to show the political comedy Battleground which will be followed by two other original shows including the second season of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary series A Day In the Life and a travel show, Up To Speed, by Richard Linklater. […]

The Art of #Occupy

A poster picturing a dancer doing an arabesque atop Wall Street’s symbolic Bowling Green Bull sculpture with a copy that reads, “What is our one demand? #OccupyWallStreet, September 17th. Bring tent.” called for the start of a protest against rising inequality in America. Since then, Occupy has not only gone viral online, but also sparked […]

Why we Love Shit People Say and Like

People say things. People like things. Sometimes, the things people say and like get made into hilarious YouTube videos or Twitter feeds that go viral and spawn a worldwide phenomenon based on particular stereotypes. We are the creation generation, and nothing is off limits. Why are we so good at being able to poke fun at […]

Nolan Respects Fans and Comics in New Batman Film

This is the end for Christopher Nolan – The Dark Knight Rises is the last in his Batman trilogy, which fans agree has been the closest in style and plot to the original comic books (at least compared to Tim Burton’s cartoon-like adaptation). Nolan uses accepted cannon by adhering to several versions of the comic […]

And The Grammy Goes To…Probably Not Rap or Hip Hop

With the looping distraction of Michael Bublé’s Christmas album now subsiding from my playlist until next holiday season, it’s time to turn up the volume on some of the nominees for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards coming up in February. This year, The Recording Academy decided to slim down Grammy Awards by restructuring the categories, […]