Seth MacFarlane’s “Music Is Better Than Words” is No Joke

Most are likely familiar with many of his characters’ voices, but Seth MacFarlane’s singing will make anyone nostalgic for an epoch you couldn’t possibly have guessed: the 1950s. The venerable sound and styling of traditional pop often goes under appreciated by Gen Y, but MacFarlane’s “Music Is Better Than Words” is a great catalyst to […]

100 Years of Pollock: 5 Reasons he’s the ultimate art rock star

Squiggly lines, drips, splashes, indistinct subjects. Jackson Pollack’s works might pose an enigma to art lovers, but this is also what makes them both polarizing and captivating at the same time. The first I learned of Pollock – or more accurately, the first time I saw his “Autumn Rhythm Number 30” (1950) in a book […]

Tips for Dating, Brought to you by the Leading Men of TV

Whether we like it or not, television has a severe impact on our everyday lives. We look to model the characters in our favorite TV worlds, especially when it comes to sex. We dream about these characters and lust after their extraordinary escapades. So here’s some dating tips, brought to you by the leading men […]

Are dirty pop lyrics pushing a sexual revolution?

“Kiss me. Infect me with your love pen. Fill me with your poison. Kiss me. Want to be your victim. Ready for abduction.” That was awkward to read, right? But it is not awkward to hear. It’s listened to so much, it still gets time on the air waves. It’s so catchy, it was one […]

Top 10 Movie Sex Scenes (NSFW)

Check out all of Sex Week, right here.  Besides porn, there are a few steamy movies that can put you and your partner in the mood. Sometimes movies with sex scenes are more intense than an actual adult film due to “movie magic:” the plot building up the tension between the characters, better scripts, lighting, and […]

Don’t Compare Twilight and the Hunger Games. Just Don’t.

With 23.5 million books in print in the U.S. and a highly anticipated movie adaptation, The Hunger Games have taken the teen series spotlight. The first full-length trailer debuted before Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1, and it’s expected to experience the same phenomenal success. In interview after interview, the stars of The Hunger Games have […]

The Grammys and Why The Next Generation Should Get Off Twitter

The Grammy Awards were full of dazzling performances, but the night wasn’t (and never is) without some controversy. Anyone could have expected the reaction to Bon Iver’s Best New Artist win would be similar to Arcade Fire’s Best Album win last year (please refer to the Tumblr dedicated to the mass confusion). The tweets rolled in, questioning […]

Do you just want your pants back? MTV does.

In case you haven’t heard, MTV premiered yet another scripted half hour sitcom — though that’s using the term “sitcom” loosely. It’s called I Just Want My Pants Back and it’s about 20-somethings living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with entry level jobs and hipster tendencies. How very original. The entire show is based around one main plot: Jason, […]

A Deeper Look at the 84th Academy Awards

It’s over quickly so paychecks come faster. Football fans either get to cheer on their favorite team in the most intense game of the season, or get closure on another season of double-digit losses. There is a whole day of the shortest month dedicated to celebrating love. And when it comes to arts and culture […]