The Grammys, Recapped

Oh, award shows. It’s long since been general knowledge that the big “honors” attributed at these red carpet events have more to do with getting the attention of specific demographics (housewives!) and not so much to do with actual musical or acting chops. Thus, I bring you The 2011 Grammy Award Winners (and losers) Recap. […]

7 Awesome Art Blogs to Look At

People call Gen Y so many names, but perhaps one of the most likable that also strikes true is “the visual generation.” In fact, a new kind of “literacy” has been identified in digital natives who grew up immersed in visually-dependent, multimedia environments. Young people today respond more to imagery than any other generation before […]

Will Jay Chou make it? An (Incomplete) List of Asian Crossover Stars

The Green Hornet opened on January 14 to huge hype, and aside from being a remake of an old classic, it is Jay Chou’s first major foray into Western pop culture. He plays Kato, one of the lead characters, alongside Seth Rogan and Cameron Diaz. Some background information: Jay Chou is one of the biggest […]

Loading: A new definition of art?

For hundreds of years, “professional” art was considered to be that housed in museums and galleries, handpicked by elite curators. It can be argued that such a system, which is slowly morphing to stay relevant, is responsible for bringing the term “starving artist” into our everyday vernacular. Up until the 21st century, most artists had […]

3 Ways to Dress Like a Millennial Man

I’ve been thinking a lot about our generation’s fascination with gender roles and androgyny. It’s becoming so common now to see same-sex relationships and culture in every aspect of day-to-day life, that some are even proclaiming that it is the end of men. Although others are strongly refuting such claims, the rise of metrosexuality certainly […]

Free All Music and We Won’t Have to Steal It

My generation steals music. We are thieves. Every year we snare seven billion songs without paying for them. True some of us fork over $1.29 to the online music monopoly known as Apple. Right now those are our only two alternatives. Steal or buy. Perhaps it’s time for an alternative. Enter Free All Music. The […]