HBO’s Girls: Yeah, I know those people

If you haven’t been reading the incredibly intense amount of press around HBO’s new half-hour dramedy, Girls, here’s a primer. It’s a show about a bunch of people you probably know, doing stuff and having relationships very similar to the things you do and the people you sleep with. I was skeptical at first. Because […]

Beach House blissful beats build up to Bloom

No, the picture to the right isn’t a smartphone camera photo beneath some random marquee. It’s the cover art for Baltimore-based indie dream pop duo Beach House’s new album Bloom. Their new work is set to be released May 15, 2012 on Sub Pop. To bring readers up to speed, the band Beach House consists […]

Mad Men is TV like no other

After a 17-month hiatus, this is the longest gap in the broadcast history of Mad Men so far. With the wait finally over and the much anticipated fifth season underway, the hit show will be sequentially catalogued, along with the previous four seasons, on the information superstructures of On-Demand, Netflix, and the like. This would mean little […]

Attitude and substance: Why we love The Black Keys

Every generation of rock music has seen bands that both defy and celebrate previous traditions. A sound comes out of these types of creative environments that can be classified as familiar and nostalgic, yet also new and exploratory. Front man Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney seem to fuse these two opposing natures in their music […]

OPINION: Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax under Fox News’ crosshairs

Think post-apocalyptic world meets an outdoor Chuck E. Cheese with the animal characters from every Disney movie. Now make it 3-D. Welcome to the latest version of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. It’s one of those family films that children love and allows parents to return to their childhood memories of the story. Though, for the […]

Rush Limbaugh faces the music

Rush Limbaugh has done it again. He took the airwaves on Feb. 29 and mouthed off derogatory statements towards woman’s rights activist and Georgetown Law student, Sandra Fluke, regarding her speech at an unofficial congressional hearing. Fluke’s speech was over free mandated contraceptives for religious institutions, leading to Limbaugh’s statements – which included calling her a […]

Does ’2 Broke Girls’ cross the racism line?

The connection between racism and comedy is the most open taboo in the entertainment industry. But the new CBS sitcom ”2 Broke Girls“ has begun to harness a reputation of being solely based on racist comedy and the controversy is growing after the show’s co-creator, Michael Patrick King (of Sex and the City fame), defended his use of […]