Nice Apps! Top 5 for Cinco de Mayo Fiestas

Cinco de Mayo: the classic celebration of another country, giving Americans yet another excuse to rejoice with Coronas, mariachi bands and quesadillas.

Little do they know that during their Mexican culture-and-heritage-venerating activities, they’re actually celebrating the army’s 1862 defeat of France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War, not the country’s independence.

But for most, the history of the epic date is neither here nor there when considering the partying purposes.

What was once modestly celebrated with chips, salsa, soda and no classwork in high school Spanish class, has evolved to day-drinking Coronas and a night chock-full of tequila, salsa dancing and late nite burritos.

And brace yourselves, for Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday this year!  Use these apps to best enjoy your day full of Mexican food, flavors, drinks and sombreros. What’s even more killer is that you don’t have to go to work hungover the next day. Score.

Mexican Recipes (iPhone and Android)
It’s not a party without sick salsa, enchiladas, and queso. At least on May 5 it’s not! This app houses 200+ recipes for breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinner, from hot pickled veggies to ice cream. Throw the brews in the fridge and mosey on into the kitchen to get the good food flowing and the party going.

Radio Mexico Live (iPhone and Android)
Coronas come with limes (and a shot of tequila!),the annoying kid always strikes the piñata gold and Cinco de Mayo parties have live Mexican radio/music. Those are just the rules; how things work on May 5 – worldwide. To get your Mexican jams pumping, this app will fill your party with hundreds of radio stations from Mexico, including jazz, rock, oldies and more.

iPinata (iPhone)
Piñatas are fun, true. But they’re messy. And require a bat (not all of us have baseball bats lying around the house….) So, if your Cinco de Mayo is just not complete without the explosion of a paper mache animal stuffed with candy, then this app can help you out. Though you won’t be able to reap the sugar-filled benefits, you can still play with a piñata, less the mess.

Liquor Run Mobile (iPhone and Android)
If you’re hosting the party, you’re going to want to stay well-stocked. This app will provide you nearby liquor stores, pulling from its database of 40,000+ U.S. retail liquor stores. While shopping, you can browse 1,000+ drink recipes, beer nutrition facts and alcohol percentages to guide your purchases. P.S. – it’s free, and doesn’t have banner ads.

Hangover Cures – 40 Home remedies (iPhone and Android)
As with any holiday or celebration involving daytime drinking, it’s likely you need an app on your side come Sunday morning – and many other things, like water, saltines, and a full two seasons of The Office on hand.  This app will provide you with 40+ at-home remedies and tips for how to best nurse a hangover. For example, it’ll teach you what’s better: water or Gatorade; Tylenol or aspirin; rest or exercise, etc.  Keep in mind that BrainWave Hangover Relief is also a magic worker.

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