Why Pinterest Kind of Sucks, And How it Could Improve

For most women, Pinterest is the Nutella of being online. Women go shit-balls crazy for Pinterest. But is it really that cool? Yeah it’s a surefire way to suck time out of your life, but is that enough? Here are some ways Pinterest could be improved:

Fix the Stupid “Pin This” Button

This button is seriously out of date. It doesn’t understand anything other than traditional pictures and many sites are not even compatible. For instance, anything with a gallery has a hard time. And where are the GIFs?  If I can’t “Pin All the Things!” I don’t want to pin any of the things. Don’t mess with my creative flow. Make a Google Chrome button for God’s sake.

According to Pinterest, Women Only Like Weddings, Food, Clothes and Home Furnishings

Wow, how did Pinterest become the strongest argument that women belong in a kitchen? Do we only dream of being housewives? This is unoriginality at its finest. Yes, pictures of delicious food are awesome, but I would love to see something that made us more than just robotic Stepford Wives.

Some Serious Mixing with Other Media

Okay, I can cut them some slack because it is somewhat new, but there has to be a way to integrate other kinds of media in there. How about a partnership with IMDB or Barnes and Noble that allowed Pinners to easily make boards about movies/books that changed their lives? And by books I don’t mean recipe books.

All this Time Means People Have Time to do Good

Hours are spent on this site, days, years. It would be great to connect all these happy users with real issues like poverty with government, or non-profits that are making a difference. Imagine a partnership with Kickstarter? That would be amazing. Of course, this idea means taking some of the romanticism out of the site, and perhaps less pretty pin boards.

Pinterest is Kind of Creepy

Want to guess one way to make your boyfriend lose his boner? Want to guess one way to make your girlfriend lose her metaphorical boner? Wedding boards. And ladies, if you are the type that complains you are “forever alone” – this is not helping your case. I don’t even want to date you and I am terrified.

Some Cool Stuff To Pin About:

  • Comic book characters
  • Favorite Harry Potter pics
  • Celebrities being boring
  • Politicians with Nose Hair (giant Pin Board)
  • People volunteering (get them the exposure they deserve)
  • Recipes that went horribly wrong (some of us don’t belong in a kitchen)
  • Angry old ladies rocking workout gear

I Know What You’re Thinking…

This article sounds a little angry and feminist-y. And yeah, it is. The bottom line is that Pinterest is a great platform with a lot of potential. It is going to be so great when users start getting really creative with their Board titles (“Politicians Everyone Loves to Hate”) and start posting interesting, eclectic content that leads to more than just viewing but storytelling and general life enrichment. Too much to ask?


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