The Landscape of Tumblr

 If you haven’t heard of Tumblr in the last year, chances are you don’t have a computer. 500 million page views go through Tumblr every single day with 40k requests added each second at Tumblr’s peak usage hours.

But why? It’s just another blogging platform with nice UX right?

The beauty of Tumblr isn’t the design. It’s the content and community that has flourished there. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or entertainment or connection.

So what does the Tumblr Landscape look like?

Like any blogging platform, there are those who use their Tumblrs as personal blogs. They record their day, interact with other Tumblrs, share things they like and write out their shopping lists. But many have taken it much further than that.

Some use them to document their creativity and projects. Such as showing off their fashion, like Nicole Loher or using it to contain their poetry, like Warsan Shire. These two in particular have gained a level of fame in the Tumblr-sphere and are well know, but there are many who do similar projects with a smaller group of fans. Other Tumblrs are personal projects, like this one to capture the best neon lights of NYC.

Then there are Tumblrs that people create as a lifestyle blog or to show their taste such as Young Folk’s Society or Only Cool Stuff. While there are one off Tumblrs of other lifestyles, for the most part in this category the hipster reigns supreme, and there’s an upper echelon of Tumblrs that all interact in a public social forum.

There are motivational tumblrs filled with thought provoking and generally upbeat “love thyself” messages that give the user a feeling of connection and support. Unlike the hipster lifestyle Tumblrs, these connect with all levels of users.

Others have been created for entertainment or to ponder the universe or to educate future generations.

Other Tumblrs are places where people aggregate information on a certain topic. These gained speed with the Fuck Yeah [InsertSubjectHere] Tumblers, with subjects ranging from nail art to sharks to beards to cilantro. In the realm of topical Tumblrs there is everything from science to street art to architecture.

And then there are meme tumblrs such as Maddie the Coonhound who likes to stand on things or planking. These exist at all times, and go through highs and lows of popularity.

The best part is that through the variety of types and categories of Tumblr it turns out that there is (at least) one for everyone. Ranging from DJs to fans of Ryan Gosling (though to be fair, Ryan Gosling has many many many many Tumblrs).

Do you have any favorite Tumblrs? Think I missed a piece of the landscape?

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