Haute and Dangerous: Best of Internet Videos that Make Fun of the Fashion Industry

What could be better than the glamorous, fast-paced, prescription-drug riddled existence of a fashion industry hot shot? I’ll tell you what — sitting on your couch in your snuggie, watching internet videos that viciously satirize every aspect of the fashion industry whilst you scarf down a pizza. It’s all about what makes you feel alive. So live a little, whydoncha? Proudly presenting the Haute and Dangerous Best of Internet Videos that Make Fun of the Fashion Industry:

“Une Fille Comme Les Autres” (A Girl Like any Other) – Jalouse Magazine

Une Fille Comme Les Autres from Jalouse blog on Vimeo.

This short film, directed by Matthew Frost for the French fashion magazine Jalouse (which translates to “jealous”) – would be exactly like every other piece of promotional material produced by the fashion industry in the last 10 years where it not for the hilariously spot-on narration, which effectively lampoons the entire project frame by frame. It’s fresh, in-your-face, and so much fun you just might have to watch it what, like… a few hundred times? Who says the French take themselves too seriously?

Quotable: “She’s smart, you know? And we see her in a bookstore, you know, with all these books, and then she gets cruised by a hipster with a beard, you know… and… and… and… she’s into it, you know?” 

“Presentation 2″ – Very Mary Kate

It’s not like any of us were ever fooled. When you and your equally blonde, boney, and beautiful twin sister each form one half of a billion dollar business empire by the time you hit the big 1-8, it’s hard to believe that either of the Olsen twins ever really had a firm grip on what the peasants call, “reality.” Enter Elaine Carroll, creator of “Very Mary Kate,” a weekly web-series which does the impossible by packing even more hyperbole into the larger-than-life existence of the pint-sized enigma (she’s got two first names!) that is Mary Kate Olsen, and it’s exactly how we (ok, me) imagine the real MK. Here’s the skinny (pun intended!!!) on the so-called “unofficial biography” of the Real Mary Kate: the layer-loving, perpetually tired, pocket-sized blonde skulks around Manhattan with her long-suffering bodyguard,”Bodyguard,” in haute pursuit of her “The Bachelor” degree at NYU, where she majors in ponies, inhales copious amounts of drugs, and torments her so-called “fat (normal-sized) professor.” I dare you to just watch one.

See also: “Presentation,” “Moving Day,” “Back to School.”

Quotable: “Will you do me a favsies and get me my Vera Wang snuggie, it’s burrr…”


This short film shows so-called “real” (read: older than 18 and not anorexic) women mimicking haute couture poses in public places while confused onlookers debate whether they should call the police and/or an ambulance. Meanwhile, a woman’s breathy confession, “I’ve always wanted to be a model.” loops over and over with a nostalgic twinge. Avante garde, no? Artist Yolanda Dominguez, created “Poses” as “a direct criticism of the absurd and artificial world of glamour and of fashion that magazines present.” While I certainly won’t be canceling my subscription to Vogue, this instillation delivers a good giggle and a reminder to think twice before you upload all 52 photos of your latest “high fashion” iPhotoshoot to Facebook….

Quotable: “I’ve always wanted to be a model….

Chloë – Spring

There, I saved the best for last. This pee-your-Proenza Schouler pantalones youtube series makes the pretentiousness of perpetual “it-girl” Chloë Sevigny almost bearable. I said almost.

See also: “Comedy,” “Toast,” “Birthdays.” 

Quotable: “It’s come to my attention that I love schpringgg!”

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