From Our Partners In Crime: Pink Slime, Trayvon Martin, The Death of Business Cards, Grad School, and Modern Family

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TNGG Loves: Pro-Pink Slime Politicians Are Outraged That We’re Outraged

If you watch the news or at least the Daily Show you’ve probably heard about the so-called “Pink Slime”, an ammonia-puffed slime meat-filler that is allegedly injected into 70% of the beef you eat. Disgusting right? Naturally big-business is outraged that you’re outraged. [Good Men Project]

TNGG Loves: The Funniest Modern Family Moments [Photos]

Is it just us or is Modern Family the new 30 Rock; easy to watch and adored by everyone? If you’ve never seen this show, you’re seriously missing out. These one-liners will be sure to change your mind. [College Candy]

TNGG Loves: Is Technology Driving Business Cards Toward Extinction?

Oh boy. First alarm clocks, watches, and now business cards? When it comes to the internet and your smartphone nothing is sacred in its endless rampage of aggregation. With new technology like social media profiles, the Bump app, and even the latest apps like Highlight, some are questioning if business cards are next on the chopping block. [YouTern]

TNGG Loves: Will You Wear Your Hoodie Up? 

The death of Trayvon Martin has created an intense discussion on the subjects of race, perception, and the American justice system. It’s gone so far as to create both Skittles and Hoodies into icons of the wild emotions attached to the case. [Hello Giggles]

TNGG Loves: 5 Bad Reasons to Apply to Grad School

Today’s economy has changed the game of higher education as it was ten years ago. These days, a master’s degree can easily cost over $200,000 in tuition and lost wages. It might be worth it in certain situations, but not always. If you’re still intent on your Master’s then make sure you’re not doing it for these reasons. [Brazen Careerist]

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Photo courtesy of College Candy (Top) and .Hello Giggles/Instagram (Bottom). 

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