Facebook Timeline Pages: Discover Your Favorite Brands’ History

Facebook recently released Timeline for Pages back in February and a couple weeks ago, all Pages adopted the new Timeline format. Pages are the Facebook profiles brands and businesses use to tell their stories on Facebook.

Timeline was originally released for users back in September and brought in a new way for people to tell the story of their life. Timeline allowed users to post status updates with a date in the past, establish milestone events in their lives, and use many new applications to help tell their life story. I’m sure many of you are now using Spotify, Rdio or many other applications which hook into your Timeline.

We dug around Facebook to find some of the best Timelines from Pages to help paint a picture of what is a good Timeline. A good Timeline should be visually captivating, tell the history of that business and demonstrate the business’s personality. Here are some of our favorite Timelines with these criteria in mind:

Old Spice

Old Spice has a rich history, being founded in 1934, but has reinvented its brand lately to be funny and outrageous. Their Timeline goes all out on being funny and outrageous from its first Timeline photo of a one-eyed Australian ninja leopard to mentions of how oldspice.com was created in 1973, decades before the internet. This is the best example of a brand using Timeline to show their personality. No one comes close to Old Spice in creativity and humor.

Saturday Night Live

SNL took to Timeline to demonstrate the rich history of sketches the show has produced as well as the amazing cast that has come from SNL. The posts of old Wayne’s World skits and landmark sketches help illuminate how impactful SNL has been on culture. The team at SNL took a considerable amount of time going through the NBC video archives and history books and putting this together to tell a great story.


Burberry’s Timeline is full of history about Burberry and their transformation from a manufacturer of well-made coats to a high-end fashion house. The Burberry team found great images and press clippings from as early as 1856 to tell this story. There’s even a piece of Casablanca trivia!


SportCenter’s Timeline is unique since it not only helps tell the story of SportsCenter, but they also took the time to document the major sports winners of years past. This is a good example of a brand identifying that their Timeline can be used to show the history of their industry, or in SportsCenter’s case, what they report on.

Some other examples of great Timelines are adidas Originals, Red Bull and Urban Outfitters. Let us know in the comments if you have any favorite Page Timelines of your own!

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