Queue it or Screw it: Mad Men’s mad memes

Obviously, the “Queue It or Screw It” debate is not a debate here. Queue it. Mad Men is fantastically acted, written, art directed and costumed. It’s what brought AMC back from Clint Eastwood movie marathons during primetime Thursdays and into a place where it now vies with premium cable and networks alike for quality programming and critical acclaim. It’s good stuff.

Its season five premiere on Sunday night got people buzzing in a big way. With the combination of rabid fandom, the long wait between seasons four and 5 five (a year and a half), and THIS, OH THIS, the internet was (pardon the pun) all atwitter with gossip, interviews, recaps, and memes. And how sweet the memes! From the classic lolcat variety—still photo with an amusing caption—to GIF animations to outdoor artistry, Mad Men was alive in the minds and hearts of everyone awesome.

Some of the best Mad Memes include:

Taken from the now-iconic pose of Don Draper (get it? get it?) in the last few seconds of the Mad Men title credits, arm draped casually over the back of the couch on which he is silhouetted, draping began as a Twitpic and a #hashtag  (remember planking?) and grew into a fully-fledged Tumblr. Followers submitted/posted pictures of themselves “draped” on and around various bits of furniture; a martini here, a cigarette there. AMC even picked up on it and requested fans send in #draping photos from their premiere-watching parties.

Pete Campbell’s Bitch Face
This guy’s been around since season one, makin’ his bitch faces. Happily, Tumblr caught them in some fairly stunning animated GIFs. Remember that time Pete was complaining about something inconsequential? They got that (those). Remember when Pete thought he was too good to do that one thing? Oh yeah, that look has been immortalized in GIF. Pete is the spoiled, entitled asshat everyone loves to hate and then feel a little sorry for when he continues his streak of never getting his way, and bitchfaces abound. Take a look, and perhaps take notes if you want people to like you less.

Sad Don Draper
I can officially state for the record that this is my favorite. In season four’s pivotal episode “The Suitcase” (SPOILER ALERT! Come on, catch up people!), Don breaks down in tears when he tells Peggy his identity-theived ex-wife/best friend has died. Naturally, his emotional pain is played for laughs in yet another hilarious Tumblr that places Don’s sad cryface into various amusing scenarios, including re-meming a meme and placing Sad Don in a scene from SNL in which Jon Hamm makes fun of Sad Don…meta much, Mad Men?

Falling Don Draper Poster Hacks
It’s common knowledge that subway print advertising is a frequent canvas for graffiti and Sharpie mustaches/genitalia—the greater the white space, the greater the possibilities. Mad Men delivered a wealth of possibilities to the hordes of underground artistes when this poster showed up around town touting season five’s March 25 premiere. From whales to superheroes to Lionel Richie, pens proved mightier than the MTA police as that poster was improved and improved and improved once more.

If you’re still craving more Mad Memes, think about creating your own—or use Movieline’s helpful suggestions to kick things off. Or just wait until Monday morning.

Mad Men Meme Monday?  That could be a thing.

Check out The Morning After’s dubbing of season five, episode one.

The song Zou Bisou Bisou has also seen an uptick in popularity, not surprisingly. Mad Men announced they would release it as a single.

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