Nice Apps! Top 5 for March Madness

Holy basketball! The 2012 NCAA March Madness is already upon us.

Despite it being tax season, your wallet certainly wouldn’t mind a few extra bucks in it, especially with more than $2.5 billion being gambled on NCAA tournament games worldwide, on average each year. And while the odds of you having a perfect bracket are severely stacked against you (um, 9 million to 1), why not try your chances with at least some minor, yet solid, winnings?

No, really; this year, you will win. These apps will ensure that you leave the table with at least a little bit of earned loot, and not to mention a bit of pride, too. This time around, don’t let Jenny – who’s never seen a basketball game, but bets on the colors, mascots and silly team names – beat you yet
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ESPN Bracket Bound (iPhone and Android)
While you’re undoubtedly going to make your own opinions and analyze the games for yourself, this app will also provide you nightly the ESPN College Basketball experts’ video highlights and analysis, including that of Andy Katz, Doug Gottlieb and Jay Bilas. This app will also keep you up to speed with the latest news, injuries and upsets for the entire tournament. Also, if you plug in your fave team, it’ll notify you of their schedules, custom news, video, Twitter updates and more.

Basketball Madness (iPhone and Android)
This app will make sure you are 100 percent in-the-know with stats, standings and up-to-date brackets. You can access player and coach news, standings and polls, greater NCAA polls and standings, as well as men’s and women’s up-to-date brackets. And for you rule-followers, the NCAA basketball rulebook is included, too. Even if it’s for having more ammo when yelling at the ref via TV screen (hey, we all do it).

Sports Bar Finder (iPhone and Android)
It’s practically a universal truth that, beyond the love of the game, March Madness is unanimously loved and respected by nearly all mankind because of the gambling, good-spirited (sometimes) trash-talk and…bar night almost every night. That said, it’s critical that you have a good sports bar to turn to, even when you’re not in your own hood. Cue Sports Bar Finder, powered by DIRECTV. It’ll help you find DIRECTV sports games at bars and restaurants in your vicinity. First step covered. Next step, get directions and send an email invite to your friends to come join you. All possible through this app.

Are You Watching This? (iPhone and Android)
You have a lot to do. And that’s besides taking care of your household chores, any leftover work from the office, homework, etc.  With that in mind, this app is perfect for multi-tasking; it monitors all games on all channels, and keeps track of all of the hot moments. So, for example, with game tracker, you can opt in for push notifications when someone scores, check-ins for the amount of time left, and to which channel to hop over to catch the must-see moment.

NCAA March Madness Live (iPhone and Android)
While it has not yet been released, this is THE app you’ll need while trying to watch the game, when facing unfortunate circumstances.  Waiting in line at the DMV? Need to go grocery shopping? Stuck on a long train ride? This app will allow you to watch all 67 games of NCAA March Madness live on your phone. You’re welcome.

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