Nice Apps! Top 5 for April Fools Pranking

April 1 means two things: pranking and being pranked. At that, it’s indisputably a result of our competitive nature to ensure that we are the ones pulling the shenanigans, not staring wide-eyed as our friends and colleagues pull one over on us.

And, you’re obligated to participate. This holiday (yes, it’s actually a holiday) was the legendary result of Pope Gregory XIII having switched the calendar in 1562, naming Jan. 1 the first day of the year, from April 1. Thus, those still celebrating the New Year on April 1 were titled “April fools.” And, it sort of stuck.

So, grab your phone and get your prank on, like a true Jersey Shore prankster. Don’t be an April fool, succumbing to the day’s trickery! These apps will have your back. But watch out, not everyone finds apps like iFart funny….at least we warned you.

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Dude, your car! (iPhone)
Your friend’s car is his/her pride and joy, right?  It’s therefore obvious what you have to do. Dents, scratches, broken glass and emergency fire rescue – the possibilities are endless with this app. Snap a photo of the car, “doctor it up” a little bit, and shoot it over to them; no caption necessary. Let them think there’s been a little bit of an issue in the parking lot/driveway, and then have a little chuckle.

Scare Camera (iPhone and Android)
“Okay, say chee- AH!” Scare the pants off of your friends, just as they think they’re snapping your photo.  Instead of capturing your image, a zombie or equally scary image – along with a nice blood-curdling scream to add to the flavor – will pop up. You might not get a photo out of the deal, but a hearty laugh will likely ensue.

PRANK ME! (iPhone and Android)
The days of prank calls should not have ended in middle school; they’re far too entertaining!  With nearly 50 voices from Al Pacino to the Tree Hugger Society and prerecorded character scripts, you have the power of the ultimate phone prank in your hands. It’ll hide your phone number from caller ID, and play a set of recordings in the order in which you choose. Your friends screen their calls? Perfect – leave a hilarious message from a massage parlor or animal control.

Pranktionary (iPhone and Android)
Need some creative and innovative pranking ideas? Are your tricks all played out? This app will provide you with a variety of suggestions for different events and situations, from the office to the kitchen to, well yes, even the bathroom.

Fake Calls (iPhone and Android)
This app has a shelf-life extending far beyond April Fool’s Day. Simulate phone calls whenever and from whomever you so choose. If you’re lucky enough to grab your friend’s phone when he/she isn’t looking, quickly install the app and set it up for Steve Jobs or God to call them. Or, you can always make it look like his/her mom is calling you while you guys are out late one night. Post-April Fool’s, this will likely come in handy during awkward moments or bad dates.

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