GIVEAWAY: Twitter + T-Shirt = Tweetee

Join us on Twitter tomorrow (Tuesday) for the chance to wear your own Twitter @handle with a Tweetee! The TNGG team is a fan of Tweetee for a few reasons:

  1. You can wear your Twitter @handle on the front and have a #hashtag on the back!
  2. Wear one of these and you’ll be sure to start a conversation and hopefully get more followers!
  3. Tim Wong and his co-founder Javier Alfonzo are geniuses and the nicest of people.

Tomorrow, TNGG is teaming up with Tweetee for a Twitter giveaway, to bring you some tweet-worthy swag. DATE: Tuesday, March 20.  TO ENTER: Use the #TNGGgiveaway hashtag and tweet to @Tweetee_com, answering the question: “We all have one. What short #hashtag describes you?THE WINNINGS: One (1) lucky winner will receive a Tweetee that can be customized with their Twitter @handle and a #hashtag on the back. Follow TNGG’s Twitter handle @nextgreatgen for updates. We hope to tweet you soon! DISCLAIMER: TNGG has not received any compensation for this post. Tweetee is providing the prize for this contest’s winner. All opinions stated here belong solely to the author.

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