From Our Partners In Crime: Pro Wrestling, the Romneys, the 1%, Resume Software, and Rachel Green

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TNGG Loves: Whatever Happened to Pro Wrestling?

Remember the time when we all thought pro wrestling was, well, pro wrestling? Whatever happened to that? Apparently a lot. Here’s a great rundown of some of the history of the greatest sport that never was (a real sport). [Good Men Project]

TNGG Loves: Mitt Romney’s Sons Revealed! [Photos]

With the age of Facebook and social media, being a presidential candidate’s son will never be the same. Apparently the Romney’s don’t have a great grasp of their privacy settings either. Regardless, the Romney boys are, well, interesting. Here’s their greatest hits. [College Candy]

TNGG Loves: How to Get Your Resume Past Resume Screening Software

Those damn machines, they’re taking our jobs! Yet another warning sign of the upcoming robot revolution. It’s time to start thinking about your resume like search engine optimization (SEO). Software scans resume piles for certain “buzz words” to weed out bad resumes. Here’s how to make sure yours gets in the right pile. [YouTern]

TNGG Loves: 1% Reap Big Profits as the Economy Recovers, But 99% Are Left Behind

We finally have the estimated data for 2010 by income percentile, and it turns out that the top 1% had a fantastic year. The takeaway quote from Saez is, “the top 1% captured 93% of the income gains in the first year of recovery.” The bottom 90 percent of Americans lost $127, the bottom 99 percent of Americans gained $80, and the top 1% gained $105,637. It could almost make you want to do something. [PolicyMic]

TNGG Loves: The Best-Dressed Female Sitcom Characters of All Time

Who didn’t want Kelly Kapowski’s boat necked Bayside sweatshirts? And Ms. Suzanne Sugarbaker? You are not only the reason for the night the lights went out in Georgia. Female sitcom characters have always been a go-to for fashion inspiration. Here are the top five. [Hello Giggles]

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Photos courtesy of Pro Wrestling Revolution/Flickr (top) and YouTern (bottom). 

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