5 Simple Ways To Avoid Workplace Burnout

We’re all just trying to make it work. And that’s including however many hobbies, freelance opportunities, workout routines, personal goals – to name a few – we concurrently pursue alongside our 9-5’ers (8-6… and then some, anyone?).

That’s not even to mention dating, friends and family.

We sure pack it in. Here’s how to stay on top of your game, while keeping all of the balls in the air, and your body, mind and spirit in a healthy balance, too.

First and foremost: your health should come first.

Even if it’s looking like a late night at the office, take time for yourself. After all, what’s the use in being successful when you’re consistently doing things to shorten your life span? Yes, pointless.

“A few summers ago, I worked 70-80 hours per week, and on my days off, the last thing I thought about was working out,” said Callie Canter, senior specialist, field service, Cardinal Health.  “I was always just exhausted and run down. I mean, who wouldn’t be after working hours like that?!” 

Burn the cals.

If you’re chained to your desk, take little breaks every now and then to get your blood flowing. If your finances or extracurricular activities preclude you from joining or making it to a gym, take advantage of the free opportunities that you can bake into your daily routine, without missing a beat. For example, take the stairs whenever possible, walk to the printer that’s farthest from your desk, do some at-the-desk workouts, eat at your desk and use your lunch break for a quick and brisk walk, etc.

“I work a full time job and work out at least four times a week; my trick is routine, repetition and time management,” said Canter. “Spending that hour away from work allows me to clear my head and burn off frustration.”

Watch the caffeination.

While everyone needs a little pick-me-up to accompany the sunrise, let’s not get carried away. Sure, a cup or two is sufficient – and not to mention practically healthy – but anything beyond that is simply excessive. If you find yourself seizing, shaking and head throbbing when 2 p.m. rolls around when your afternoon latte is on hold, it’s timetoreevaluate your life choices.

If you’re drugging your body to complete your workload, you’re well overdue for some changes. In the end, the caffeine high only hurts you, your productivity and your quality of work.

“I used to drink two espressos a day – one in the morning and one after lunch. Then, I realized I was getting headaches on the weekends when I didn’t have them,” said Audrey Oh, paralegal, White & Case –Brussels.  “I now drink green tea instead, and exercise more regularly. I find that gives me more energy, and overall, I feel much better.”

Fuel your body.

Your productivity and work quality heavily depend on your state of mind. Suffice it to say that healthy food and drink intake concerns much, much more than caffeine and coffee.

“You should be selfish and make your health your number one priority, and a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates will give you the energy you need throughout the day,” says Jessica Glancy, registered dietician atSinai-GraceHospital inDetroit.

“Take time to prepare meals ahead of time, making food in big batches and portioning them out for the week,” says Glancy.  “That way, you’ll avoid trips to the vending machine and unnecessary spending on junk food.”

It’s all about the resources.

You have a laptop for a reason; use it! Leave the office at a reasonable enough time to make it to that spinning or art class you’ve been putting off or skipping as of late. Then, after a nice jaunt at the gym or quality time spent at the pottery wheel, hop back online after dinner.  It doesn’t mean that you’re skimping on responsibilities; rather, you’re simultaneously taking care of yourself and your work.

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