Who’s on First? The week in sports

Tebow heads to New York The fallout from Peyton Manning signing with the Denver Broncos finally concluded last week, as the Broncos traded Tim Tebow, the former fan favorite quarterback rendered essentially useless by Manning’s arrival, to the New York Jets in exchange for a few draft picks. The deal picked up steam last Wednesday, […]

We’ve Got Issues: A Weekly News & Politics Column

I am thankful to live and work in Chicago, by far the most exciting place in Illinois (sorry downstate folks, it’s just my honest opinion!).  But when it comes to presidential politics, Chicago is just as uneventful as the rest of the state.  I cannot remember a year in my lifetime when Illinois decided a […]

Nice Apps! Top 5 for April Fools Pranking

April 1 means two things: pranking and being pranked. At that, it’s indisputably a result of our competitive nature to ensure that we are the ones pulling the shenanigans, not staring wide-eyed as our friends and colleagues pull one over on us. And, you’re obligated to participate. This holiday (yes, it’s actually a holiday) was the legendary result of Pope Gregory XIII having […]

Meet Dina Gachman, graphic novelist

Even though I can’t get a date, I’ll often overhear my friends talk about their daft dating lives. Apparently, writer Dina Gachman picked up on people’s chatter, too. But instead of telling them to keep their probably-soon-to-be-failed relationship to themselves, she was inspired to write her popular online graphic novel Fling Girl LA. The premise […]

OPINION: Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax under Fox News’ crosshairs

Think post-apocalyptic world meets an outdoor Chuck E. Cheese with the animal characters from every Disney movie. Now make it 3-D. Welcome to the latest version of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. It’s one of those family films that children love and allows parents to return to their childhood memories of the story. Though, for the […]

Queue it or Screw it: Mad Men’s mad memes

Obviously, the “Queue It or Screw It” debate is not a debate here. Queue it. Mad Men is fantastically acted, written, art directed and costumed. It’s what brought AMC back from Clint Eastwood movie marathons during primetime Thursdays and into a place where it now vies with premium cable and networks alike for quality programming […]

Search for Job Now Trumps Search for Career

Ask most Baby Boomers about their career track, and they will mention one or two positions that they held for many years. They might talk about how their job “took care of its employees,” and how “it just isn’t like that anymore.” Job security, fair wages, and a pension plan were prerequisites for job acceptance […]

Policy Mic: Contraception Fight Shows Fundamentalist View of the Constitution is Dangerous

I political talk show host recently spoke about the contraception debate, big deal? The talk show hosts then started talking about how we need to get rid of the term “reproductive rights” because reproduction is not a right. The hosts went on to say that the Constitution does not say anything about reproductive rights and […]

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Workplace Burnout

We’re all just trying to make it work. And that’s including however many hobbies, freelance opportunities, workout routines, personal goals – to name a few – we concurrently pursue alongside our 9-5’ers (8-6… and then some, anyone?). That’s not even to mention dating, friends and family. We sure pack it in. Here’s how to stay on […]