Tips for Dating, Brought to you by the Leading Men of TV

Whether we like it or not, television has a severe impact on our everyday lives. We look to model the characters in our favorite TV worlds, especially when it comes to sex. We dream about these characters and lust after their extraordinary escapades. So here’s some dating tips, brought to you by the leading men of television:

1.     Ben Covington: An oldie but a goodie. Ben Covington, played by the gorgeous Scott Speedman, was long time love interest to the one Felicity Porter on “Felicity,” which aired on The WB when teen series’ were at their best. Ben was brooding and wore his heart on his sleeve. He wasn’t great at saying the actual words, but he would do grand romantic gestures to win his leading lady. He loved hard and his stubborn pride often got in the way of loving his Felicity the right way. Ben’s daddy issues helped him make Felicity, and fans, always want to take care of him.

Take away: Don’t let pride get the best of you. Play up your daddy issues for empathy. And bottle up feelings until you burst into a romantic gesture that is sure to convince the girl that you’re “the one.” (Skip to 6:10)

2.     Seth Cohen: The nerdiest of the nerds. “The O.C.” holds its place in pop culture, and it would have been nothing without the Jewish geek, Seth Cohen. Seth was kind, shy, smart, and completely obsessed with under the radar music and films. He had a few crushes here and there but his true love, who he ended up marrying, was Summer. His “game” was to play up the nerdy shtick, paying detailed attention to his lady and doing anything and everything to make her happy. Seth’s only distraction was his equally undying love for his pseudo brother Ryan, but that’s a whole other issue on its own. Seth and Summer will be one of TV fanatics’ favorite couples of all time. It also doesn’t hurt that Adam Brody is absolutely adorable.

Take away: If you’re nerdy, you still got a solid shot at winning the girl of your dreams.  Pay detailed attention, women like to feel important. Make indie playlists whenever possible. And creepily remember something (i.e., a poem) from the third grade that no other person would ever remember — she will melt.

3.     Schmidt: The new guy on the block. Schmidt is a character on the increasingly funny “New Girl,” played by relatively unknown Max Greenfield. By definition, Schmidt is a douche. But when you get to know his inner layers he is a good guy with a good heart. His biggest draw is pure sex. He is very into himself and personal upkeep, especially of his body. Schmidt knows how to play the game and starts to chip away at the females he’s after slowly, but surely. Soon after weeks of courting, he’s in bed with a hot model that genuinely likes him.

Take away: It’s okay to be self centered, as long as when it comes to the girls you like, you make them your number one priority. Also, take care of that body.

4.     Don Draper: Don is the old school, classic, smoldering, and ridiculously handsome, perfect man… on the outside. For those who don’t know, Don is played by the endearing Jon Hamm on AMC’s “Mad Men.” When you first watch him on the screen you see the 1960s domestic man of your dreams. Then he closes the door, pours himself a drink and becomes everything women don’t want. There are two Dons. One can be sweet and romantic to his wife or current steady partner at the time. The second Mr. Draper is all about sex. He will put on the charms, get you all liquored up and have you let your inhibitions fall to the wind. Afternoon delight is sure to follow. He all but kisses you goodbye while walking away, never remembering your name.

Take Away: Be passionate and, when needed, show a fleeting moment of intimacy. Milk your place in the world, especially if you’re a wildly attractive, powerful man in a time when women were not seen as equals.

5.     Daniel Grayson: Daniel, in one word: HOT. Grayson is played by newcomer Joshua Bowman, on this year’s breakout scandalous drama “Revenge.” The man is unbelievably attractive and it’s impossible to tear your eyes away when he’s in frame. Oh, and he’s wealthy. Besides his physical appeal, what Daniel has going for him is honesty. In his community of lying and deceit, he stands alone as being decent. He’s pure in his intents to win over his girl. All he really wants to do is be with her, rather than live in a world of riches.

Take Away: Be honest. Cheaters never keep the girl.

These are just a sampling of men from the television universe. They were all able to win over women in their own ways. If all else fails, just try and be as attractive as television actors, which should at least get you half way there.

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