Make Technology Your Wingman: Apps & Sites to Find a Hookup

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There is still time to find yourself a belated Valentine (or a hook up if you wish).

You would think our generation had it all figured out by now, but judging by the number of flirting (a.k.a. hook up) apps and websites out there, we still have a long way to go. I know that we’ve talked about how technology can help our generation find a date before, but since you’re still single, five more online resources won’t hurt your dating strategy. It may actually increase your chances of scoring a date before the end of Valentine’s month. No matter what’s your age, sexual preference or the city you live in, we assure you, there is an app for that!

Grindr (iPhone, Blackberry and Android)

The geo-location hook-up app that gained the news last year after a Republican politician was caught using Grindr and posting very spicy pictures of his derrière online is still a precious download if you are a gay man who appreciates chatting but wants to get to the point fast. Present in 192 countries and with over 2.6 million active users according to last year’s stats, Grindr is the perfect app for guys who want to date locally or are travelling and want to establish connections where they are.

Setting up a profile on Grindr is simple and you gain access to the local hotties immediately after you complete the set up. The app is available on the most current mobile platforms through the Apple, Android and Blackberry stores. But yes, you’ll be left out if you’re still rocking your little sister’s old pink Motorola Razr.

Blendr (iPhone, Android, Facebook Connect)

Blendr is being called the straight-friendly version of Grindr, although it’s more subtle than its inspiration. Also a geo-location based app, Blendr has been marketed as a modern way to meet new people with similar interests and tastes, but we all know what this approach actually means.

With an interface very similar to Grindr and Facebook integration, Blendr can be a great platform for flirting and getting to know people before going on an official date. Online chatting is available and you can also star all the big catches that you find along the way.

SpeedDate (Website and Facebook Connect)

The SpeedDate idea is based on live interaction, but I’d define it as a war zone! The website uses Facebook connect to fill out your dating profile with your profile picture and basic information. If you’re really looking for somewhere to better your self-esteem, this is the website for you. Dating candidates will be inviting you to chat within minutes of your first login. Be prepared!

SpeedDate also offers some perks for a little bit of cash. You can have a verified badge added to your profile for $0.99/month, which will also give your profile priority in searches and open up some other messaging features. The only downside to SpeedDate is when you’re trying to close the chat tabs. The share button is considerably bigger than the close one, which can lead you to share your dating activity on your Facebook timeline.  Awkward…

Are You Interested? (iPhone, Android, Website and Facebook Connect)

One of the largest social applications on the internet with over 55 million installs, Are You Interested? is one of the most well-known dating resources used by our generation.  The website has one of the most user-friendly set-ups with a step-by-step tour to help you get the best out of their searching experience.

Are You Interested? works similarly to the old game “hot or not” that some of us played in high school (okay, some of us are still playing it on Facebook!) The difference is that the application tries to match you with other users and you say yes or skip their profile. Like the other services mentioned here, this app has also a paid service that for $8.75 – $20.99/month allows users to see who viewed their profile and expand the messaging features.

Okay… now you have more than enough information to score a date this weekend. Put yourself out there and find a Valentine (or rather, a hook up) before the end of the month!

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