Dame Cooke Presents: Interview with a Sex Toy Saleswoman

For Sex Week on TNGG, the Dame got to get down and dirty with sexpert Jen Leigh. Check out her thoughts below on the key to pleasure and the sex toy every one should have in their nightstand.

Dame Cooke: Hi Jen! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about yourself.

Jen Leigh: I think I’m a big ball of things one wouldn’t expect to find in a single person. I’m a transplanted Manhattanite who graduated from Northeastern with a degree in psychology, have worked full time at a consulting firm since then, spend my Saturday nights working at the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Harvard Square, have just started going back to school for an MBA… and I sell sex toys.

DC: How did you get into the business of selling sex toys?

JL: One of my life goals has always been to increase people’s awareness of and comfort with sex and sexuality. Among my own friends, I enjoy answering sex, intimacy, and relationship related questions and alleviating fears and concerns. After attending a training session with friend and owner of the late Grand Opening at Coolidge Corner, Kim Airs, I realized I could do this with a broader audience by conducting fun, relaxed, educational parties in the safe atmospheres of people’s homes with their closest friends.

DC: The sex industry on a whole is often misunderstood and I imagine there are a lot of misunderstandings about what you do. What is one thing you wish people knew about your work?

JL: This isn’t a porn party, strip show, or orgy. Personally, I focus a lot on sex education and promoting comfort with sexuality in general. When I say I do demos, please understand that it involves my Wonderous Vulva Puppet because at my parties, you’re welcome to try things ON, but not IN!

DC: I imagine that talking about sex toys in front of big groups can cause some silly mishaps. What was the funniest thing that ever happened while hosting a party?

JL: Not quite a mishap, but an unexpectedly common occurrence: One of my favorite products to show is called Nipple Nibblers. When I pass it around for folks to try, I tell them to put it on like chap stick and imagine how it would feel elsewhere. At every single party I’ve done, at least one woman has instead just reached right in to her shirt to try it in the intended area!

DC: There are so many toys out there now! From the Rabbit to the Hitachi Magic Wand, we’ve heard a lot of our favorite celebrities screaming their praises. In your opinion, what is the most essential sex toy to have in your collection?

JL: Everyone, men included, should own some sort of bullet vibrator. Why? Because they’re relatively inexpensive to just throw in your drawer and by the time you Really Need One Right NOW, you don’t want to wait for shipping. Oh, and lube. The world would be a better place if more people used more lube more often.

DC: Since you’re an expert on orgasms, we have to know – what would you say is the key to sexual pleasure?

JL: The key is to understand your own mind and body before inviting a partner to share it. For some women, it can take a lot of practice to turn off the broken record of anxieties like “Do I smell ok? Am I wet enough? Is this taking too long? Does this position make me look fat?” So, I recommend learning what feels good on your own first, without that anxiety-provoking audience, so you can get used to what pleasure feels like for you.

DC: Thank you so much for taking time for us, Jen. How can our readers reach you if they want to host a party?

JL: Please visit my website to learn more about me, my parties, and the wonderful benefits you receive as a host. (Hint: there are free sex toys involved!) I can also be reached via Facebook or email (RomanticNovelties@gmail.com) for personal shopping advice and discount bundles. I truly welcome ANY questions, even if you never plan to party with me or buy anything. I’m all about the education!

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