Queue It or Screw It: The Fun in the Formula

You’ve seen cop shows. This is the formula. 1-5 minutes in: something wild, violent, or surprising happens. 5-45 minutes in: hypotheses are rendered, leads are tracked down, and wild geese are chased. 45-55 minutes in: a plot twist and an epiphany! 55-60 minutes: ties are created between the action of the past 55 minutes and the […]

Politics: A Sexy Business

February started scandalously with a memoir detailing the adulterous affairs of one of America’s favorite presidents. Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath by Mimi Alford provides a descriptive window into the playboy ways of the ill-fated president. But even if the interactions recounted between Alford and the […]

An Exploration of Fat Sexuality, Part I

“Nothing will give you a soft-on faster than body shame,” said Substantia Jones, a photographer and the mind behind The Adipositivity Project, her voice flowing out of my phone’s speaker as we discuss fat sexuality. “Over 60 billion is spent in the U.S. every year creating and re-enforcing body shame. In effect, a big hunk of Corporate America […]

Grammy Applauds Chris Brown, Women Fight Back

Research and writing assistance from Christine Slocum. Check out all of Sex Week, right here.  When Chris Brown appeared on the Grammys, there was a lot of buzz about sexual violence… requesting sexual violence. Three years after Brown beat his then girlfriend Rihanna, punched her in the eye, and hit her mouth so hard that blood […]

Tips for Dating, Brought to you by the Leading Men of TV

Whether we like it or not, television has a severe impact on our everyday lives. We look to model the characters in our favorite TV worlds, especially when it comes to sex. We dream about these characters and lust after their extraordinary escapades. So here’s some dating tips, brought to you by the leading men […]

What You Won’t Find At the Next Career Fair: A Job in Porn

Check out all of Sex Week, right here.  The joke goes that most of the internet is porn, and in reality, the numbers gauging the size of the industry range anywhere from $5 to $10 billion annually. As I prepare for graduation this May, I figured it was time I broadened the scope of my job […]