5 Gift Ideas for the Freelancers

With the job economy between a rock and a hard place and the rise of the Internet, Gen Y IS the freelance generation. There are many liberties that come with freelancing full-time: being your own boss, working from bed, naming your own hours, and, my personal, being able to say “you’re fired!” to a terrible client.

However, being a freelancer ain’t easy. The lifestyle can be grueling, filled with all-nighters and a world full of frustrating situations. So, come this holiday season maybe it’s time to give the freelancer in your life a break with these five gifts ideas:

1. Mobile Hotspot, Prices vary per carrier

As a freelancer it’s a given that you’re probably wired to the Internet between emailing your clients, stalking LinkedIn (or Craigslist), and possibly even having an web-related gig. However, there have been times where a connection to the Internet was the difference between picking up a new client, getting fired, or just looking like an idiot.

Check-out these mobile hotspots for your freelancer’s preferred carrier. Just plug it into your laptop and it will create a mobile WiFi networking using 3G or 4G similar to your smartphone.

2. A copy of Clients from Hell$13 onAmazon

What do you hate the most on this earth? Evil dictators? World hunger? Not if you’re a freelancer. There’s nothing on this earth they hate more than their clients (or the bad ones anyways).

Being a freelancer is like serving in Vietnam in one respect: there’s never an end to war stories. Do your freelancer a favor and get them this book; I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I read it.

3. Business cards, $20 for 50 cards at Moo

The one universal  piece of advice I always pass on to fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs is never leave your house without some business cards. You’ll be surprised by the people you run into and there’s never an excuse to be unprepared. Moo makes it as easy or complicated as you want to get a nice set of cards.

4. LinkedIn Pro account, Starts at $95.40 for 1 year

LinkedIn is undeniably the go-to place for all-things networking and job-hunting. LinkedIn Pro accounts can really do wonders for those who heavily rely on LinkedIn. Depending on your premium account level there’s a bunch of cool features that can pack a punch.

InMail let’s you directly email anyone on LinkedIn and get a guaranteed (or your credits back) response within seven days. You can also get introduced to companies you’re targeting, actually see who’s viewed your profile, and see expanded profiles on people outside your network.

5. A Netflix membership, 6 months for $47.94 

Being a freelancer means screwing the 9-5, pulling all-nighters, and taking personal days. That can make the freelancer schedule inconsistent with your day-time TV programming schedules. To counter, I highly suggest getting your freelancer on the Netflix bandwagon.

Netflix makes it easy for people with weird schedules (or sleep patterns) to watch what they want, when they want. Plus, Netflix makes gifting a membership easy and with discounted prices.

Most serious freelancers could probably use a little relief this holiday season. There’s also always one gift that will top anything on this list and that’s to throw a little work their way, or this Tshirt. If you see any ideas you think should be included be sure to leave them in the comments!

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