Loving Woody Allen and his Women

What’s Up, Tiger Lily? is one strange film. Woody Allen’s directorial debut seems only to be missing a skyscraper-sized lizard amidst the Japanese actors being dubbed over with an American script. Tiger Lily’s bizarre concept (a Japanese James Bond thriller) and quips added in by Allen’s voice over (about getting the ladies) was the first […]

Monday Blahhs Be Gone: Making Your Commute Awesome

Chances are if you’re young and live in the city, you have some sort of commute every morning. I love cardigans, pumpkin spiced-everything, and the crispness of fall air more than the average human being, but the change in weather means less biking, and more buses and trains. But public transportation is downright enjoyable now […]

Ghoulish Giving: UNICEF Takes Trick-or-Treating Mobile

As we all head out for “tricks or treats” this weekend, there’s a new way to give an extra treat to kids in need around the world. The United Nations agency UNICEF, which works in over 150 countries to provide children with things ranging from healthcare to education to emergency relief, will be using technology to […]

Artist Profile: Photographer Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden has stuffed her body into an oven, stripped in fields and played dead more than once. The online artist has grown into a metaphorical mother for her massive online following and her admirers, in part, propelled her career. In a style of online mentoring, she uses forums to help drive theirs in return. […]

The Deal with Daily Deals: What to Expect in the Future

Daily deals are hot. Like, Tickle-Me-Elmo-flying-off-the-store-shelves hot. Right now, there are probably at least a hundred different deal brands and services out there, competing with one another to offer you 40% off teeth whitening or 70% off helicopter lessons. In a way, the industry’s boom in the last couple of years is indicative of some […]

Esperanza Spalding: 21st Century Darlin’

Recently, a friend challenged me to come up with a list of female musicians known for their musicianship rather than for their singing or songwriting capabilities. The catch? They had to be primarily known for whatever instrument they play and be a “household” name. I spent several nights going about it in my head, not […]

TNGG Loves: Hello Kitty, Badass Pumpkins, Disney Movies

Welcome to our weekly column: TNGG Loves – a collection of people, products, activities, and trends that are adored by our generation. Enjoy! TNGG Loves: Hello Kitty As one fangirl writes, “You are beautiful and cute and magical and adorable and you always have the most very perfect bow tucked by your ear…” Don’t go changin’! [Hello Giggles] […]

OPINION: Terror in Oakland and American Revolution in the Digital Age

This post is part of an on-going TNGG series on youth movements. Check out more about the Children of the Revolutions. This generation has been compared to the Baby Boomers for a multitude of reasons, but it wasn’t clear until this month that Millennials have the same revolutionary fire of their mid-century forefathers. But we have one thing […]