Theme Parties You Always Wanted To Have

’80s party. Pimps and Hoes. Costumes. Neon Party. In college, every party thrower wants to have the best party, the one everyone is still talking about Monday morning. Since the people who throw these parties tend to have limited space, money, food and resources, a good theme party can take festive spirits to the next level. Over the years, our generation has taken themes to far more creative extremes than our parents’ toga bashes.

ABC Party (“Anything But Clothes”)

Should Really Be Called: Hardly Any Clothes

ABC parties are really just a chance for people to wear as little clothing as possible and get away with it. Instead of wearing a pillow case and heels, try to really get creative and find something you can fashion into an outfit. I’ve seen a caution tape tube dress, a guy who wore the cardboard from boxes of beers and an ambitious girl who made a checkered dress out of newspaper. Do future Project Runway contestants love these?

Highlighter Party

Should Really Be Called: Write Your Number on as Many Girls as Possible Party

Also known as a graffiti party, a fest like this needs a black light and myriad highlighters. Partygoers wear white tees and everyone writes on each other under the surreal glow. To add pizzazz to your party, grab the laundry detergent from your closet: it glows in black light, lets people go all Avatar with skin designs and keeps the room smelling fresh!

Traffic Light Party

Should Really Be Called: Relationship Status Couture

The rules: wear red if you’re in a relationship, yellow if you’re not really sure what’s happening, and green if you’re single. Literally wearing one’s Facebook relationship status on one’s sleeve, one need not fear approaching a girl/guy only to have one’s significant other return a second later with drinks and a suspicious look.

Rubik’s Cube Party

Should Really Be Called: Let’s Strip for the Sake of “The Game”

You’ll want to hit up Salvation Army before you go to this party because chances are you’ll never see the clothes you came with again. The goal is to arrive wearing a polychromatic outfit and walk out in one solid color (like solving a Rubik’s Cube except much sluttier!) This party 1) gives students an excuse to disrobe, and 2) presents an automatic pickup line. No need to ask your dream girl if it hurt when she fell from heaven; you can just tell her you need her red tee shirt for your green pants.

Edward Forty Hands

Should Really Be Called: Precursor to Alcohol Poisoning

This party has hospital written all over it, so BEWARE! When you walk into the party, two 40 oz. bottles of alcohol are taped to your hands, eliminating the use of hands until both bottles are finished. Unique? Sure. Dangerous? Definitely. Personally, I prefer the handcuff version, in which you are handcuffed to a member of the opposite sex upon arrival. You may not know them, but it’s a fun way to introduce new people into your group of friends. After all, you’re attached to them all night, and hey, it would make for an interesting story to tell the grandkids when they ask how you met!

Seven Deadly Sins Party

Should Really Be Called: Naughty Doppelganger Version of Yourself Party

While college themed parties seem to promote a pattern of nearly nude, attention-hungry girls, some parties allow you to really use your thinking cap and be creative. Choose to dress as one of the seven deadly sins– Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, Greed or Pride. Here’s a chance for girls to wear that red cocktail dress they’ve been dying to have an excuse to wear, and for guys to keep their pajamas on! An Honorable Mention is due to a girl I once saw as Gluttony who came with her own box of donuts.

Instead of getting ready the same way you do before every weekend party, these themes add a palpable excitement to the evening, as they requires a bit more thinking. Hint: the attention drawn by creative outfits is always better than that allured by a tight top. It is possible to look nice and be daring without a black tube dress and some inexplicable animal ears. Dress to impress and have fun!

What are some of the most creative theme parties you’ve been to? Any we left out?

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