The Wedding: Advice From An Engaged Millennial

Our generation is fascinated with weddings, and although many of us might be waiting a bit longer to tie the knot, there’s also many of us who cannot wait to get married.

Our eyes are glued on shows like Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding, and we lost sleep to see Prince William and Kate Middleton to tie the knot in real time.

Sites like and have made virtual wedding planning accessible to our generation, making the dream wedding a reality. These sites allow couples to find venues, entertainment, create budgets and arrange seating charts (like on all with just a few clicks.

Millennial weddings are now fixated on technology, with wedding websites created to allow guests to be involved with every detail of the preparation for the big day.

Although this sounds quite easy, allowing brides and grooms to plan the ultimate wedding can be overwhelming. These resources are so accessible; everyone is informed on an “ultimate” wedding, feeling they know best, leaving no surprises or room to measure.

Recently engaged, I feel I have to throw a supreme wedding. Being outspoken, excited, and a partier, friends and family expect me to live up to these expectations. Watching wedding shows, and reading every wedding blog known, there are thousands of great (and awful) ideas out there, but deciding which ones to nix or to go with is the challenging part. Maybe planning a wedding today is easier than when our parents did it, because the resources is right at our fingertips. But sometimes it’s too much of a good thing.

There are so many different types of weddings today, compared to even 20 years ago. There is the budget wedding, platinum wedding, theme wedding, DIY wedding, country wedding, and many more. It can drive someone crazy.

Pulling an inspiration can help narrow down ideas. Personally, I have decided to use the book, Alice in Wonderland. Using every tip or inspiration from blogs can make a wedding tacky. I’ve also chosen two colors (red and aqua), limiting what I can and cannot do. Like every young woman, I want my wedding to be the best, but being able to afford the best has been the recent challenge. Sometimes, less is more.

Some other tips of advice: Look for a venue where the catering is available onsite. Picking an upscale venue that does catering is sometimes an easier choice; it rules out the possibility of catering fees and stops the search. Having a friend who is a DJ, or someone who’s knowledgeable in Mac programs like Garage Band, contributes to cutting costs. Finding college students that need to build portfolios is perfect for photographers and live entertainment. This allows a bride and groom different styles to choose from. Also, finding a college band allows them some publicity and allows you to have affordable talent. Taking a leap of faith on someone new to the business can be the best option.

When my parents got married (1970’s), they picked a place, and that was it. No theme, no certain style, just the Bride, Groom, and a wedding cake. They didn’t realize there were options because weddings weren’t as big as party then as they are now.

Maybe our generation is spoiled by having options, but now it seems every bride is in competition with the other, and that’s not including the Filene’s Basement “Running of the Brides.”

The perfect day has become a day of rivalry. Our generation has been brought up on competition, from athletics, to colleges, to who can have the most followers on Twitter, we are our own advertisers, publicizing how great we are, making a Millennial wedding the biggest challenge of them all.

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