Bluntertainment: The Non-Alcoholic Party

Red cups on the counter, a large table in the center of the room and a new pack of ping-pong balls conveniently nearby.

You are going to be drinking. Duh.

But say you walk into your friend’s house expecting to burn some down. Red cups, not necessary. Awkwardly long table, non-existent. Ping-pong balls, who needs ‘em? This isn’t a cocktail party. It’s a weed party. Enter: Bluntertainment.

Bluntertainment activities aren’t as easy to spot as drinking games. That’s not to say that Bud Pong has never been attempted, ‘cause let’s face it­, people who smoke come up with new stuff all the time.  From my observations, however, weed smokers blaze first and play just sort of happens later.

Bluntertainment #1: Eating. It’s sounds simple and makes sense but this could be an opportunity to create a feast out of what you have lying around the house or a great time to just plain pig out. Some of the best concoctions I’ve ever tried were put together by stoney baloneys. These include an amazing soup, homemade chimichangas, cinnamon toast crunch with melted marshmallows (don’t eat too much, it is as sweet as it sounds), frozen fruit and peanut butter and jelly paninis. Great, now I’m hungry. Moving on…

Bluntertainment #2: Videogames. They are great sober and drunk, too, but unsurpassed when played whilst floating on a cannabis high. Hence, videogames are an important stoner ritual in which gamers worship their iconic gods in hypnotic transfixion, The Pothead Pantheon includes Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Party and all of those other war and combat games that I wouldn’t know how to play because when blazed bros start gaming, they don’t stop and let the girl have a try.

Bluntertainment #3: Blunted Rides. Often times the infamous blunted ride results in trips to the corner store (See Bluntertainment #1). These trips can be a hoot if done safely and well. Most people just drive around because they aren’t allowed to smoke where they live. I say, if you’re going to drive around, you might as well check out some cool scenery or drive to a chill spot where you can star gaze, jump on a swing set or listen to some good music. Which brings us to our next level of stoner enjoyment.

Bluntertainment #4: Music. Whether you listen to it, play it or both, music is a stoner favorite for a reason. Anyone who smokes knows the senses reach a level of euphoria when you find the right groove with the right people in the right atmosphere. For most, The Beatles can be an easy solution. If you hang with music production engineers, like I happen to, Lady Gaga’s The Fame is always another way to go.

Bluntertainment #5: Laugh. It doesn’t really matter how this happens, but it is always the best idea. If you’re not going to be enlightened, inspired or relaxing, you most definitely want to laugh. An easy solution to this is watching a funny movie. It’s no wonder Pineapple Express made such a killing: it pays to know your audience.

Bluntertainment #6: Arts and crafts. Most pot smokers I know are of a creative nature. If they aren’t playing music, they are at least having a doodle pow-wow. Some people paint, some draw, some enjoy the fine art of photography. No matter what it is, it’s definitely cool to be in a party environment where everyone can work on their own projects in the company of their friends.

Bluntertainment #7: Drinking. If you drink and smoke then you can call it a party and then you can invite way more people. Simple.

Bluntertainment #8: Foam Sword Fighting. Yes, I said foam sword fighting. It might seem odd to some that stoners actually get off the couch and do something when they get high, but truth be told, physical activity can be a major endorphin rush for a happiness hungry high flyer. My first advice regarding this bluntertainment activity is to just do it. Stoned, sober or drunk, it’ll be fun and you know it. My second bit of advice is precautionary: if you swing really hard, they snap. Finally, remember that it’s just a game and that you are not really a pirate: you are you, wearing a paper pirate hat and swinging a stick of foam.

How do you and your friends entertain yourselves when you get high?

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