Beer Pong and Beyond

Whether you call it beer pong or beirut, it is one of those drinking games that never gets old. Always a long list for the table, beirut is the stereotypical college party game that is sure to get you feeling buzzed. However, like every drinking game, there are always variations and other ways to play, so here are a few to get you started, for those who feel like venturing out of the typical party game.


Players: 4 (minimum)

The Set-Up: Four Solos in a line perpendicular to each end of Pong Table. Beer volume descends from the Solo on the P.T. edge to the fourth Solo (closest to opposing team), with edge Solo completely full and fourth Solo ¼ full.

The Play: Similar to beer pong in ways. First team up shoots until they get 3 outs (three strikes). Then the other team shoots, repeating the same thing until 9 innings. When one player makes a cup, they are “on base,” which means 1st base has ½ cup full of beer, 2nd base has ¾ cup filled and 3rd base is full with beer. By stealing a base or making a cup, the player gets to drink accordingly and move bases, however, by stealing a base, the player must do “flip cup” with the catcher from the opposing team.

Players: 4 (Two vs. Two)

The Set-Up: Three Solos in triangle formation placed on each corner of Pong Table (12 total). One Xtra-Full Final Solo in the center of P.T.

The Play: With your partner positioned diagonally across P.T., teammates bounce their ball off the table, ricochet it off partner’s chest, attempting to cooperatively drop the ball into one of the three Solos on the opposite end.

When you sink a ball, remove it and pass the Solo to the enemy Chester with whom you share a side of the P.T. They are required to cease their Chesting until they chug the beer and execute a Flip Cup-style Solo inversion.

After your team has successfully sunk all six of your Solos, begin attempting to bounce the ball into the X-FF Solo in the P.T.’s center. Note: Must bounce at least TWICE for this stage.

Using your chest, no matter your cup size, takes focus and fast reflexes. Chesties is best played shirtless, so make sure your pals’ comfort/drunkenness level is securely at Extra-Friendly.

Slam Pong:

Players: 4

The Set Up: Need ping pong paddles. Use 2 cups on both ends. It’s fast paced so be prepared.

The Play: Object of the game is to hit your opponents cups with the pong ball by using paddles. Each hit is worth one point, game is to four points. Players serve the ball as they would in normal ping pong. Strategy is for one person to serve while the other player “slams” it into the opponents cups.

If all else fails, there’s always strip pong. A word of advice: Play in the winter or make sure you have a few layers of clothes on because unless you’re a kick-ass beirut player, you’ll be sure to lose your outfit rather quickly.

Co-written by Alejandro Gomez. 

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